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This Will Make You Feel Loved

Have you ever had a moment where 
you found yourself being in love,
and it was 
literally breathtaking?

Perhaps it was walking down the aisle,
or holding a baby for the first time,
or maybe, the long absence of that one person
and seeing them once again… 

Well recently,
I was listening to a couple tracks by an award winning
New Zealand composer “Rhian Sheehan”,
and this first track, did exactly that for me.

Take a listen HERE.
It is quite literally breathtaking.

The second track of these was
just as POWERFUL
but in a different kind of way.

Upon listening to the second one,
something dawned on me…

The feeling I felt reminded me…reminded me
of what it felt like to lose yourself in love.
It might be worth your while to
have a listen to it. Whenever you want
to lose yourself by immersing your mind
in this beautiful soul-soothing piece of
“mood music”, c
lick HERE and let yourself go.

But that’s not the only reason why I am
you to read this

See, life,
has its own way of 
removing certainty,
removing choices, like stripping clothes
off our bare bodies and leaving us exposed
and vulnerable.

We feel lost.
We feel helpless.

Whilst we always seek to “lose ourselves in love”,
we hide from the world when we “lose that love”.

And in the midst of this confusion,
this dense fog through the wilderness,
we can’t see through it.

We’re at a loss.
We feel lost because of this loss.

Well, I just wanted you to know something:
It’s OK to feel lost sometimes. 

Just okay.

Because right now as your reading this,
each one of us, has at least one person
that loves us.

Whether you are aware of it or not,
does not change the fact that it’s true.

So love in its purest and truest form
is always available to us.

Therefore it can never be lost.

But what about when love it taken away,
when the relationship has prematurely ended?

Well, each one of us, at some point,
have been in love.

it may not have been your decision entirely,
or maybe it was made for all best
intentional purposes, the relationship
has now ceased.

Yes, they may have the power to take any
future contact away from you…
But, they are incapable of taking
your love away that you still feel for them.

Allow me to repeat this:
Although it’s ended, you love for them is 
never-ending, it’s infinite.

And to the extent you are still capable
of remembering the relationship the way it was,
it’s how you remember it, that will allow you to
always have one with that person.

Once you realise this,
you can never be truly lost.

Because whenever you think of that special
person, that person you truly love,
they will always find you.

No matter how far gone they are,
or how long it’s been,
they will always be there

Through your thoughts,
your memories.

Because you are worth
being remembered for…you are worth being
searched for… and most importantly…

You are worth being loved.

And feeling that emotion will always…
be breathtaking.

Once you realise this,
you’ll discover, there is no absence of love,
but rather, an abundance of it.

To you losing yourself in love,

Marco – MCH
Melbourne Cognitive Hypnotherapy

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