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“The Private
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What to expect in our session together

I would like to give you some information about the process of private hypnosis coaching sessions. This will help you feel more comfortable with the work you and I will do together. I want to assure you that you will find that the process you experience in the private hypnosis coaching sessions is an easy, natural, and truly enjoyable one. You will feel like you are at a mental spa — having the time to retreat from the troubles of the outside world, to relax, detox, and massage your mind.

Session Details

Initially, each session ‘talks’ to your rational mind. It is a very important part of you that creates success in your life. The rational mind processes information and makes plans. In each session, I help you understand how your mind at this level works in creating your life. You will develop insights that allow you to have the correct responses, behaviors, and ways of being. This helps to ensure a more successful life by using your rational mind.


Because we aren’t simply one-dimension beings, we have to work deeper than just on the level of the rational mind, however. Our full minds have a richer and deeper potential than the higher thinking centers of the rational level can give us alone. Each of us has many different mental systems operating inside our minds. These systems can supplement the rational mind and unleash the unlimited potential for achievement and success.


I think of the deeper levels of your mind as the inner mind or your more intuitive and instinctual senses. In order to be fully successful, we have to also understand and harness these deeper aspects of our mental process. When coupled with the use of the rational mind, our intuitions and instincts round out the mental process of a success-oriented life. This whole mental process then helps us to achieve success easily, naturally, and without a struggle.

Life is not a battlefield

Inside all of us there is a very human mechanism that allows life to be easy, natural and effortless. As effortlessly as you breathe or say your own name, there are automatic processes in your mind that operate just as easily to ensure that your life is naturally successful. The key to a successful life is in finding and using that natural mechanism that lives inside you. Despite what many think, life is not meant to be a constant struggle. If we live as naturally as we are meant to live, life is not a battlefield.

We Know It’s Hard

We can understand how the natural mechanism in the mind works if we look at what happens when we struggle. Living with a constant struggle to be successful is an unnatural fight that originates inside the mind. The struggle is evidence that you are not attuned with the deeper and fuller, more natural potential of your inner mind. Struggling is evidence that you are fighting the wisdom and processes of the inner depths of the human brain. You have to fight what is inside your inner mind to prevent it from flowing naturally. That’s why you feel the struggle inside yourself and why your outer life becomes a struggle as well.


The presence of inner and outer struggle in one’s life is the reason people think they need the willpower to change themselves and their lives. The concept of willpower implies a need to force yourself through situations. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it’s useful to make yourself do things when you don’t quite feel like doing them, but it is difficult to live an entire life this way. Living this way drains us and robs us of the opportunity to enjoy our lives.

Activating the Flow of Life

If we tap into the natural mechanism inside all of us that allows life to flow easily and naturally toward successful living, we can release struggle from our lives. It is not as difficult a process as it may seem. It is not as foreign a concept to you as you may imagine either. Think, for example, of riding a bicycle or driving a car. The first time we tried to do these things was difficult. The tasks were complex. We were anxious and overwhelmed by how difficult they were to accomplish.


Tasks like riding a bicycle or driving a car are overwhelming at first because we have not yet accessed the proper levels of the mind required to do them when we first start out. What we do is we inevitably approach these new tasks with a rational mind. We try to remember what needs to happen and how to do it. We rely on information and plan how the task is supposed to go, but our higher processing centers of the rational mind aren’t designed to ride a bike or drive a car. But, we have to go deeper into the mind to accomplish these tasks easily and to make them a natural and effortless habit.

What You Need to Understand

It is the inner mind that runs the body and helps us master these types of tasks. The inner mind, unlike the rational mind, is designed to actually engage in behaviors and to do them fluidly, smoothly, and naturally. It is the inner mind that allows you to ride your bike and drive your car without worrying about how to do it.


Farther into each session, I will help you access your inner mind by ‘talking’ with it just as we talk to your rational mind at the beginning of our sessions. I work with the inner mind to tell it how it should experience life, how changes should be made in how you think, feel and behave. I use hypnosis to achieve this connection with your inner mind. Hypnosis is simply a different type of focus than you normally have. It focuses on your inner experience and inner mind.


Of course, you can use the inner focus I access in hypnosis whenever you want, but I will help you learn to do so.


In each private session, I use a special sound and guide you to your inner mind. The methods I use will allow you to interact with your inner mind in a powerfully focused way so that you begin to change your internal landscape.


Through the use of the hypnosis method, your inner world will become rich and full of meaning. It will then affect your outer world, making it rich and full of meaning, too. This is the way hypnosis works—from the inside out. For example, when your inner world is full of success and happiness, then your outer world will be full of success and happiness as well. Once you understand the relationship between your scape and the landscape of your life, you can easily see that coaching hypnotherapy sessions are absolutely crucial if you want to achieve a lifetime of successful living.

How It Works

To successfully use hypnosis coaching, all you need to do to listen to my instructions and allow yourself to experience the session. You will notice two things as you listen during hypnosis: that my voice will guide you through the experience, and at the same time, there are soothing tropical rain sounds in the background. As you focus on my voice, allowing me to guide you through the session, the sounds of rain wash over you to create a very relaxing and comfortable experience.

How We Will Proceed

In each session, I will guide you to become aware of the experience you are having by speaking to you and using the specialized background sounds of our session. The sounds are designed to stimulate your brain and to help it grow toward the level of focus you need to become as successful as you want to be.


Through this process, you can learn to focus like a true millionaire anytime that you want! This is a very special kind of focused awareness that opens your inner mind, allowing you to access all the untapped potential that lies inside it. These sessions allow your mind to grow into something more powerful and more focused than you can imagine. The beauty of hypnosis coaching is that all you have to do is to listen. Simple attentive listening helps you develop a laser-like awareness needed to achieve the successful life you desire. This highly focused attention will operate in your life with pinpoint accuracy to achieve exactly what you want to achieve. It is truly remarkable that you can acquire this skill through simple attention and focus upon the experience during our sessions.

The Sessions

A private session of hypnosis coaching gives your brain a full mental workout. Each session lasts about one hour and includes an actual hypnosis segment that is approximately 20-30 minutes long. Sessions are structured this way to allow your brain enough time to recover from each session and to adjust to the changes that are occurring. Just like a physical workout, you don’t want to overdo it.


Sometimes people get distracted during sessions and this is really no problem. Gaining better focus and attention happens progressively over time. When you become distracted just allow your attention to come back to my voice, your sensations or the background sounds. The experience is designed to be a full one that gives you easy opportunities to focus on one or another of these three things. As you bring yourself back from distractions, you are training your focus to become stronger and stronger in a relaxed way. This is exactly the skill we are building so you can relax and know that even when distracted, you are doing the process perfectly!

What You Will Feel

Over time, you will discover that your focus comes more easily and more naturally. You will also find that your focus is far more powerful than ever before. You will have the laser-like ability to focus on anything that you want to focus on without any sense of effort at all.


Please don’t worry about trying to remember everything that happens during the session. Email send-outs are included as part of the session you attend. So whether it’s principles or techniques, the information discussed will be sent to you later on. Relax and know that the hypnosis is exercising your brain and deeply affecting your inner mind. In time, you will feel improvements in your focus and reap its benefits effortlessly.

Frequency of Sessions and Practice

I do recommend that you don’t come into session more than once a week. It is important that you adjust to the changes that are occurring inside your mind and allow these to naturally interact with your day-to-day life. Remember this above all else: your success happens in the real world. My hypnosis coaching sessions prepare your mind to go out there and find your success. Even though consistency is crucial, if your day-to-day life is just seeing me, well, there’s nothing for your changed mind to interact with! You need to get out there, meet people, do things and make mistakes. As you live your day-to-day life, you will stimulate your inner mind to give you new answers and new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. This is how you will become, day by day, more successful in life.

In Closing

I hope you enjoy the sessions that you will have with me. Becoming successful is an easy and natural process if you take the time to align yourself with your true nature. I am committed to helping you find the untapped potential that lies inside you. I think you will look forward to our sessions and make them a priority, If you do so, you will quickly see and feel their benefit.


Also, I wish you all the happiness, wealth, and success that you want for your life. When our work together is finished, I do hope that we will meet again in the future. I would love to hear from you about all the wonderful changes you have experienced in your life. Many others before you have gone on to succeed in surprising and exciting ways that are a deep pleasure to hear about.


Please remember that I will guide you along until you have to find your own way. I wish you every happiness from this journey. You’ve already come this far. Just dive in and begin to enjoy how easy it is to train your mind to give you everything that you want.


To your success,
Marco Auciello
Melbourne Cognitive Hypnotherapy

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