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"Defanging" The Hypnotherapist

I’m a hypnotherapist.

Not a vampire!

Although amusingly I have been

asked that before.

And there are people who are fearful

I’m going to sink my “hypnosis 

fangs” into their mind even if they

booked a hypnotherapy session.

Between you and me, that’s

silly sci-fi nonsense.

Some people’s fears are not

based on the reality of how hypnosis

actually works.

You know this.

I know this.

But some people don’t know this.

I’d thought I share some insights

into the way I conduct hypnosis

with a subject with a video I recorded

some time ago.

My very own “hypnosis in action” recorded

with a REAL volunteer who was willing

to be part of my hypnotic experiment.


all you need is proper “handling” BEFORE

you can guide them into a successful

hypnotic trance and help them produce

the inner change-work they ultimately want.

And their irrational fears can be diffused

by enabling a fearful person feel

comfortable (and safe enough) to relax

into a successful hypnotic session.

The video lasts 16 minutes.

And shows a typical arm levitation

using hypnosis.

But you don’t leave it hanging there.

Through the use of suggestion,

there is immense power in drawing

lessons from a unique experience.

See if you can spot it.

I’ve also added background music to

conduct” a more hypnotic experience.

So bring your “open mind” ticket with you

to watch a theatre of the mind production.

Take a look:

==>Through This “Doorway”<==

If you dare.

Marco – MCH



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