“Finally, A Personalised Weight Loss Hypnosis Melbourne Program That Helps You Lose Weight Without Putting Your Life On Hold. Nothing Is Taken Away From You…And It Doesn’t Feel Like Hard Work.


From: Marco Auciello (Melbourne Hypnotherapist)

Dear Busy Mum,

If you’re looking for a way to safely, naturally, and rapidly reach your ideal body Weight Loss Hypnosis Melbourne and keep that weight off for good

…then you’ll find this the perfect opportunity to finally drop those unwanted kilos.

“Everything You Need to Lose Weight…and Keep It Off – Melbourne Cognitive Weight Loss Hypnosis Program”

Even if everything else you’ve tried has failed, you’ll discover that this synergistic weight-loss approach actually works


Let me ask you:

  1. Have you tried other ways to lose weight?
  2. Have you been unable to keep the weight off and maintain your ideal body weight?
  3. Do you know why that is?

Truth is, the main reason you’ve not been able to lose weight (or keep the weight off) is because…

You Still Have Habits Sabotage Your Weight-Loss Goals…

And as long your sabotaging habits exist – you’ll remain overweight (or quickly pile back on any kilos you’ve been able to lose).

It doesn’t matter what diet or weight-loss plan you try, either.

Nothing will give you the long-term weight loss results you want until and unless you…

“Get New, Ingrained Habits for
Your Ideal Weight.”

Melbourne Cognitive Weight Loss Hypnosis Program gives you the mindset and ingrained habits that “match” your ideal body weight.

This “precision-hypnosis” is a safe and proven solution.

In addition, you’ll experience significant changes regarding…

– Your unwanted behaviours and your emotions
– Your key responses to food and general activities

For example: If you are, say, currently 90 kgs, and you’d ideally like to be 65 kgs – it’s critical (before you make any “external” changes to your diet or activity level) to develop the mindset and habits of somebody who is naturally 65 kgs.

Does that make sense? Of course.

“Easily Change Yourself From The ‘Inside-Out‘ So You Can Automatically Do The Right Things To Lose The Right Amount Of Weight For You.”

Millions of people struggle either to – lose weight and/or keep it off.


They’re taking “The Wrong Approach.”

Few people realise there is ONLY one way to ensure automatic, rapid, and lasting weight loss…

…the “inside-out-approach.”

So, what can you expect from Melbourne’s Cognitive Weight Loss Hypnosis Program’s “inside-out approach?”

– Firstly, you’ll acquire new driver-habits.
– Secondly, you’ll develop new “unconscious responses” to eating, food, and activity.
– Thirdly, you’ll continue in your day-to-day lifestyle, as usual.

In fact, when you follow the Melbourne Cognitive Weight Loss Hypnosis Program:

– You won’t make any drastic or major changes.

– Parallel to that, your day-to-day life will pretty much go on as normal.
– Also, nobody will realise you are “doing” anything to lose weight.

And, you can expect compliments from friends, family, and co-workers in as little as 6 to eight weeks.

They’ll say something like:

“My God, you look great… what have you been doing?”

Then it’s your choice and decision, whether you tell them about the five (5) precision –hypnotherapy sessions that you completed during the Melbourne Cognitive Weight Loss Hypnosis Program.

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Melbourne Cognitive Weight Loss Hypnosis

Session 1: “Change Your Food-Relationship”

There’s “a part of YOU” that:

Craves unhealthy, fattening foods.
Makes you snack and binge between meal times.
Forces you to indulge in overeating.

Right now, you may consciously want to eat better (or eat less than you do).

But, STOP.

Reflect on your eating behaviours, habits, and responses.

Your reflection probably helped you to realise…

… that there are “parts of you” controlling your eating behaviour – leading you in a “the wrong direction.”

During this first hypnosis session, you’ll …

  1. Gain a “Take It Or Leave It Attitudeto unhealthy food
  2. Reverse the (unconscious) “parts of you” currently forcing you to overeat or eat the wrong kinds of food (through precision- hypnosis)
  3. Align all the (unconscious) “parts of you” so you only eat in a sensible and balanced way that leads to good health… and your ideal body weight.
  4. Create a strong desire for healthy eating and a balanced diet
  5. Develop a “natural craving to eat” only wholesome, healthy low-fat foods.

You don’t’ have to remove certain foods from your fridge (or cupboards).

And there’s no need to force yourself not to eat them.

Through “precision-hypnosis,” your entire urge and compulsion to eat unhealthy foods will be gone – for good.


Youll be able to switch off your mind’s worry-mode with my specially-designed Mp3 titled…

– “Stress Success”

Stress can sabotage progress…

Therefore it’s vital to reduce the unhealthy effects of stress on your body & quickly get rid of all stress in your life.


Are you ready to finally overcome stress, anxiety, and tension from your life, once and for all?

Session 1 puts you back into a healthy relationship with yourself, body, and hunger. It also lays the foundation for the upcoming sessions, principles, and steps.

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Melbourne Cognitive Weight Loss Hypnosis

Session 2: “Defuse Your Emotional Triggers”

STOP. Contemplate the times when you indulge in overeating, snacking, or bingeing.

You probably recognise and realise that your eating is triggered by uncomfortable emotions.


Food is often used to soothe or smother uncomfortable emotions that arise within you, such as…

– Loneliness
– Anxiety
– Fear
– And so on.

Session Two (2) of this precision-Hypnotherapy For Weight Loss Reviews (in Melbourne) helps you to:

  1. Defuse your “emotional triggers” that make you eat.
  2. Handle and overcome stressful situations that arise in your day.
  3. Naturally feel more complete, whole, and “full” on the inside.
  4. Remove unhealthy “food cravings”
  5. Feel great now (before losing weight, and maximise your self-esteem

No Longer Feel The Overwhelming Urge To “Fill Your Emotional Hole” With Food.

Session 2 puts you back into the “driver’s seat” of your emotions and eating. Your deep-rooted emotional triggers will be defused and adjusted to serve your weight loss goal.


Youll create stability with your emotions with my NEW specially-designed Mp3 called…

– “The Mountain View”

If you find your emotions are  ‘blocked’, often unbalanced or it’s simply difficult to motivate yourself, then the mountain view can be a great place to start. 

A relaxed physical body allows you to create balanced and dynamic emotions. 

When your physical body is calm and relaxed, your emotions are free, positive and energised.

* Plus, you’ll love the 42-page “Self-Esteem Success” manual that you get with this powerful session. 

The Weight Loss Hypnosis Melbourne manual will help you to:

Reach and maintain your “weight loss goal”
– Benefit daily from “the secrets of unshakable confidence”
Experience “self-esteem success”
– Enjoy the achievements you’ve already made
Prepare for your future success

Living with “unshakable confidence” and self-esteem will set a new benchmark in your life. It will change how you live life.

When you put the exciting concepts of this manual and session into action, you really will feel like a million dollarswell before you even reach your “weight loss goal.

Once you get your hands on it, you’ll find it to be an invaluable and powerful weight-loss tool.

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Melbourne Cognitive Weight Loss Hypnosis

Session 3: “Make Yourself a Health Magnet”

On a “conscious level,” you probably already know what you should and shouldn’t eat.

But, consciously knowing is NOT enough.

In this session, using “precision-hypnotherapy” you’ll:

  1. Clear the way for your unconscious to learn new healthy eating habits.
  2. Install (within your unconscious) a new pattern of eating.
  3. Naturally start preferring the taste of the healthy food.
  4. Automatically find yourself buying healthy foods that support your weight loss goal and ideal weight.

No will-power or discipline is required from you!


Youll gain freedom from negative behaviours with my specially-designed Mp3 called…

– “Easy Ways 4 Breaking Habits”

Develop more self-discipline, easily by redirecting your mental energy to new and empowering habits.

Bad habits may seem impossible to break, but this hypnotic meditation recording will make the impossible, possible.

Put simply, this MP3 allows you to stop bad habits, easily and naturally.

Session 3 helps you make better food choices rather than having negative emotions choose them for you.

You’ll follow powerful principles in this section. 

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Melbourne Cognitive Weight Loss Hypnosis

Session 4: “Release Your Body’s Beauty

What happens in this session?

– It’s not about teaching you how to exercise.
– It’s not about making you feel guilty for not being active enough.

Who needs that?!

Instead, you’ll…

  1. Experience “precision-hypnosis” to connect you with your innate energy and vitality.
  2. Discover “secrets” to re-ignite your motivation through energy and movement.
  3. Automatically have more energy and vitality to speed up your metabolism.
  4. Naturally become more physically active in your day-to-day life.
  5. Align your body with the ideal weight you’ve set for yourself.

Session 4 brings you in tune with your body’s natural, abundant source of energy and vitality. And as a result, you’ll want to move your body and let it express itself through physical activity…

…even if you currently hate exercise (or the thought of it!)

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Melbourne Cognitive Weight Loss Hypnosis

Session 5: Get Your Future Road Map

You’ll likely have already seen kilos drop off your body once you’ve reached this session.

Nonetheless, Session 5 is QUITE IMPORTANT.

It’s all about helping you to…

  1. Continue to progress and stay on track with your weight-loss goals…without having to use will-power or regimented discipline.
  2. Totally align your unconscious with your weight loss goal (your ideal body weight).
  3. Reinforce and strengthen your other four (4) session…and components of the Melbourne Cognitive Weight Loss Hypnosis Program.
  4. Create (using precision-hypnosis) a future “road-map” for your unconscious to follow with my Weight Loss Recipe Cheat Sheet – Your R.E.C.I.P.E. for Success!

Again, when you join this weight-loss program, remember that this final session (Session 5) is IMPORTANT.

It makes certain you continuously behave, feel, and respond in ways that result in you making the right food and activity choices.


* Plus, you’ll receive your 4th and final MP3 titled “Flawless Future”.

By removing the standing obstacles between you and your weight goals, it’s much easier to achieve your weight-goal dreams with this.

It’s time to identify, remove and replace any” limiting goals” then inject yourself with positive energy to motivation.

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“What Are People Saying About…Melbourne Cognitive Weight Loss Hypnosis Program?”

“5kgs in 5 weeks. No discipline & no deprivation. Sensational!”

“Having successfully used hypnosis many years ago for quitting smoking l thought l would give it another go but this time to help with weight gain and a sense of desperation.

I contacted Marco hoping that l could get “back on track” and improve my dinted self-esteem. The past 3 years had been challenging raising a teenager with ADHD, changes to my role at work and menopause! It felt like the perfect storm.

Having a history of emotional eating l periodically turned to food as an escape which only compounded the situation resulting in continual weight can and a lowering of my self-esteem.

Having gained 10kgs l was determined to do something but numerous diets weren’t working and l lacked the motivation to exercise.

My Journey:

When l met Marco l was instantly calmed and felt confident that we could work well together. The focus wasn’t on food and diet (which l could actually write a book about myself lol) but rather on WHY l eat.

It was a really interesting approach that was new to me but much needed. Following my first session l started to question whether l was really actually physically hungry or whether l just wanted something (food) to change the way l was feeling. 

It seemed so simple but it was surprisingly effective.

I wasn’t dieting l was just eating what l wanted when l was actually physically not emotionally hungry and l was only eating until l was satisfied not full. It made sense and l felt normal and “back in control”.

My day now starts with a calming meditation and ends feeling lighter and more confident. I am also now able to focus on my goals rather than trying to lose weight. Marco was incredibly understanding, encouraging and gentle.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge Marco – I am now dealing with my emotions rather than eating them away.

I would recommend this program to anyone struggling with emotional eating.

Worth every cent!”


“My results have been amazing and I’m more determined than ever!”


“After endless diets, shakes, pills, eating programs and even going to the extreme of having a Gastric Band which had a lot of complications and had to be removed, I came to the conclusion I had a big problem… nothing was working!

I realised that I was just looking for a quick easy fix every time and not looking at why after all these years nothing seemed to work and if it did it was for a short amount of time and I’d cave in.

After having fantastic results with Hypnosis for smoking (haven’t had one in 3 years) I realised its all power of the mind and with great coaching and a good mindset, anything is possible.

So I decided to look into Hypnosis for Weight loss this was my last resort, after lots of research I came across Marco and started my 5 Week Skype Program with him.

My results have been amazing and I’m more determined than ever! Marco has coached me along and help me with my Weight loss journey and to a happier healthier life.

Thank you Marco I’m going to nail this!!”

~Renee (Skype Hypnosis Weight Loss)


“Wow, this has been life-changing!”


“Wow, this has been life-changing! I have been an emotional eater for the past 20+ years which has resulted in endless diets, frustration and weight fluctuation. I have had one skype session with Marco and I immediately saw a change in my relationship with food. Now, I no longer obsess over what and when to eat, it just isn’t at the forefront of my mind.”

~Andrea (Skype Hypnosis Weight Loss)

“…I have no cravings and have stopped eating and craving junk food.”

“My program has been completed. At present, I have no cravings and have stopped eating and craving junk food. The experience and sessions have been a delight to go to and I look forward to the coming months to see what I can
achieve in the near future.

Marco has been great and easy to talk to. I hope to keep in touch with him and keep him updated on my progress and may be in the near future to have other sessions.”


“…slimmer, fitter, healthier person for six weeks…I feel fantastic!”

“Dear Marco, I have now been a slimmer fitter healthier person for six weeks. I wanted to tell you that I feel fantastic! I have written or contacted the people I nominated to tell them how great it feels being this way.

Thank you for helping me make such a spectacular change in my life. I am seeing improvements everyday, and life is great. I eliminated the fruit boxes in the morning by not buying them and replaced by bottled water now available at home and work fruit whenever possible is being purchased and consumed. Extra walking is on the agenda, and although not daily, it has increased in frequency. Thank you for your time and I will continue to email you with my progress.”


“What an amazing support…when I wanted to improve my health.”

“The weight control program was great! What an amazing support it offered when I wanted to improve my health. I would recommend it to anyone.”


“…definitely worth the money.”

“Hi Marco, just an update. I dropped 6 kgs in my first week. And 10kgs by my third week. Was definitely worth the money.”


“The sessions with Marco are fantastic.”

“The sessions with Marco are fantastic. I feel so good when I leave. He has a great way of helping you sort out your thoughts.”


“Dropped 2 sizes. 15 kg. Couldn’t have done it without you.”

“Hi Marco. An update on how things are going: Brilliantly! Cut food intake dramatically. No cravings. Exercising vigorously at least 4 times a week. Gone down a clothes size. People are starting to comment. Thank you so much.”

Update:“Hi Marco, Wanted to let you know that I reached my Paris target weight two weeks ago (i.e. 4 weeks ahead of schedule).Now have the New Year target. Lots of lovely comments from people.

Dropped 2 sizes. 15 kg. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you so much. You’ll be hearing from a friend of mine, Lisa.”

December 2015 Update:

“Hi Marco,

Thanks for all your help to lose weight and for the recent ‘top up’ to get me back on track.

Best wishes for you. 



“Thanks for your help Marco…”

“Thanks for your help Marco. You have helped change my diet and the way I see myself.”


“I can see bit by bit I am making headway…”

So far so good. I wouldnt say that I was skeptical, but I wasnt sure how my rational mind might respond to hypnotherapy. Having you take the time to respond to my initial inquiry to explain how the program worked certainly helped with any uncertainty.

I have enjoyed the sessions themselves. You are very easy to talk to and I felt safe and comfortable right from the start. Sometimes the amount of information given in the sessions was a bit daunting, so having the notes that you sent afterward was certainly helpful in reinforcing the messages you had put in my head. 

Also, I have enjoyed the process of working out what my unconscious mind does and how it affects my behaviours.  At times its been like Ive been watching from a distance and when I see myself doing something counterproductive, acknowledging it and saying I see what youre doing thereAt other times I have just become aware of something that I have stopped doing, but not been able to pinpoint when I stopped doing it, like eating chocolate biscuits or ice-cream. 

How The Sessions Are Helping Me:

So far I think that the sessions have helped me with my goals in two ways. The first was that I felt empowered to set them, and that my own desire for weight loss was important enough for own self confidence for me to actually commit to them. 

Secondly, the results. Honestly, I can see already that bit by bit I am making headway, and that it can work if I stick to it.

Im excited to see too how this program impacts on other aspects of my life. Ive already noticed the boost to my self-confidence and am sure that will help me to overcome my reluctance to jump at opportunities as they arise, such as work-related opportunities or personal interactions.”



“After a couple of weeks, I began to see a difference in myself…”

“I went to see Marco based on a recommendation from my niece. Meeting Marco for the first time I found him to be extremely likable, he was very calm and positive. I felt confident in trying this experience in weight loss hypnotherapy.

After the first couple of weeks, I began to see a difference in myself, calmer, eating better and making wiser choices for meals. I found it to make small changes naturally. Feeling more energy and lighter. I understand that this weight loss will be a slow process and confident it will work. Marco, thank you.

I would highly recommend your services especially for your ongoing support when needed.

Thanks once again.”


“Has helped me what steps I need to take to be able to lose weight and keep it off.”

“Thanks Marco for all of the tools that I need to be successful in my goals!

Marco is insightful and understood my triggers quite well, which has helped me realise what steps I need to take to be able to lose weight and keep it off.

I would definitely recommend and I look forward to the positive changes that are happening now.”


“I would highly recommend it to others.”

My experience with the program has been really good. It’s helped me approach my goals more positively. Yes it’s definitely worth the money I paid. 

I would highly recommend it to others.


~Jeremy (Skype Hypnosis Weight Loss)

“I found the program was dealing with the root cause…”

How has your experience with the program been so far? “I found the program was dealing with the root cause of me being overweight, instead of just being a quick fix.”

How has it helped you with your goals? “I have learned mindful eating.”

Is it worth the money you paid? “Yes I found that money paid was worth it.”

Would you recommend it or others? “Yes definitely.”


I’m now looking forward to getting back to walking/running…

“Hi Marco Thanx for the sessions…They were great!!

“Today I felt really motivated and very determined to get to where I want to be with my weight and general self-esteem…You’ve shown me how these things don’t need to be so hard and that I need to stop being so hard on myself…and can you believe as I’m sitting here on the couch sending you this email, my husband is sitting next to me with a packet of Tim Tams and it is not bothering me at all!!! That’s an absolute miracle for me!!!

“It’s been one week!!! I’m now looking forward to getting back to walking/running…

“Thanks heaps and I’ll keep you posted.”

~Romina :)

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“So, Why Accept That Extra Unwanted Weight For Another Day…When You Don’t Have To?”

In just weeks…

…the synergistic approach of these five (5) precise hypnotherapy weight loss Melbourne sessions (that make up the Melbourne Cognitive Weight Loss Hypnosis Program) will allow you to…

  1. Look in the mirror, and see “proof” that you can be slimmer
  2. Do all the right things to lose weight, unconsciously
  3. Amaze yourself and others with your ability to lose weight and be slim

“It doesn’t feel like hard work.”

You’ll naturally feel right and good about doing things that result in excess weight dropping off your body.

“That’s why it doesn’t feel like hard work.”

While you complete the Melbourne Cognitive Weight Loss Hypnosis Program…

You’ll not feel restricted or like your life has been “placed on hold.”
You’ll have nothing taken away from you.

Instead, with the Melbourne Cognitive Weight Loss Hypnosis Program

– You’ll have the freedom to make better choices (food, health, and activities) You’ll open up new ways of experiencing pleasure (instead of food)

“…and here’s the really neat thing…”

Your results and changes will last!

All the “inside-out” changes you make to your thoughts, feelings, behaviour patterns and habits (around food, health, and exercise)…will stay with you.

Therefore, you’ll continue to instinctively crave doing all the things that keep you at your ideal body weight…well into the future.

You won’t pile the kilos back on (like you inevitably do in diets or other programs)

Your weight won’t “yo-yo” (like it does on most enforced diets)

You’ll never feel like you are living less than a full and fun-filled life.

“The Melbourne Cognitive Weight Loss Hypnosis Program Helps You Say Good-bye to Dieting and Other Weight-Loss Programs – For Good, Once and For All.”

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“What All Do You Get With This Comprehensive Weight-Loss Program That’s Surprisingly Easy?”

there are 5 sessions that make up the Melbourne Cognitive Weight Loss Hypnosis Program…


SESSION #1: Change your food relationship

This session will help you to:

– Lay the foundation for your unconscious to learn new healthy eating habits.
– Stop overeating, or eating bad, unhealthy foods.
– Eat sensibly – in a balanced way that’s healthy and promotes your ideal weight.


SESSION #2: Defuse your emotional triggers

This session will help you to:

– Defuse your “emotional eating triggers.”
– Overcome stressful and unpleasant situations that arise in your day.
– Remove unhealthy “food cravings” whilst building your confidence and self-esteem.


SESSION #3: Make yourself a Health Magnet

This session helps you to:

– Develop the “Take-it-or-leave-it attitude” towards foods that are bad for you.
– Program your unconscious with new eating patterns.
– Naturally prefer the taste of the new, healthier foods.


SESSION #4: Release Your Body’s Beauty

This session helps you to:

– Re-ignite your innate energy, vitality and motivation.
– Automatically enjoy moving more with renewed energy.
– Easily become more physically active in your daily life.


SESSION #5: Get Your Future Roadmap

This session will help you to:

– Stay on track with your weight loss goal without will-power or discipline.
– Completely align your unconscious with your ideal body weight.
– Create your future “road-map” for your unconscious to follow.

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YOUR FIVE (5+) BONUSES: By the way, when you join the Melbourne Cognitive Weight Loss Hypnosis Program – you’ll also get:



Two Mind Meditation Mp3s on Shielding You Against Stress & Easy Ways 4 Breaking Habits.



“Mountain View” Mp3 To ‘Unblock’ Negative Emotions & One Mind Manual On Becoming A Better Version Of You Through Unshakable Confidence and Self Esteem!



Weight-Goal Creating & Maintaining “Flawless Future” Mp3.



Weight Loss Recipe Cheat Sheet – Your R.E.C.I.P.E. for Success.



Lifetime Email Coaching – whereupon you’ll receive regular motivational emails to keep you on track in your new ideal weight lifestyle.

The Melbourne Cognitive Weight Loss Hypnosis Program will save you money, time, frustration, and knocks to your self-esteem.

Imagine how good you’ll feel knowing that in only weeks from today, you’ll be looking in your mirror and seeing your new slimmed-down body.

You are the only person…

…who knows if a “new body” at your ideal body weight (without will-power, discipline, or restrictions on your life) is worth it to you.

And, if it is…

…reserve your place in this remarkable, breakthrough weight-loss program.

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“Special Limited Time Offer

For a LIMITED TIME, you’ll receive a SPECIAL DISCOUNTED OFFER if you mention this page.

Simply click the “Book Now” button below, and you’ll…

  1. Save quite a bit of money
  2. Naturally, and safely drop unwanted kilos.
  3. Lose weight…without discipline, will-power, and restrictions.
  4. Finally, reach and sustain your weight-loss goals.
  5. Look amazing, see a slimmer you in the mirror.
  6. Be glad you made this “one-time investment” in your health and appearance.
  7. Say “good-bye” to dieting and weight-loss Melbourne programs, once and for all.

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“Are Your Truly Serious About Losing Weight, Looking Good And Feeling Great This Season?

Because If losing weight (and keeping it off) is important to you…

And you like the idea of being at your ideal body weight…

And you CAN’T WAIT to start receiving compliments on the “new you” — then secure your place in the Melbourne Cognitive Weight Loss Hypnosis Program TODAY.

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Due to the SPECIAL DISCOUNTED OFFER, my weight loss hypnosis in Melbourne program will become completely booked due to high-demand and client referrals. So, to avoid disappointment, be sure to RESERVE YOUR SESSION NOW.

I look forward to helping you feel good, lose weight, and keep it off… automatically.

Yours Sincerely,

Marco Auciello

Melbourne Cognitive Hypnotherapy

P.S. – Isn’t it time you enjoyed the body you deserve. Decide right now to:

  1. Change your relationship with food.
  2. Restore a positive relationship with your body.
  3. Eliminate your cravings for bad foods.
  4. Naturally enjoy healthy foods.
  5. Crave physical activity and exercise, instead of seeing it as a chore.

P.P.S – Dieting and struggling to lose weight can be a REAL PAIN with traditional approaches. But, Melbourne Cognitive Weight Loss Hypnosis Program will help you to:

– No longer have emotional triggers rule your life, or ruin your body.
– Unlock your vital energy.
– Finally feel really good about yourself this season.

Now also available on Skype or with tele-sessions

Watch this weight-loss client video testimonial

Here is your opportunity to actually reach your ideal weight…and easily keep it off…without putting your life on hold. And without using will-power or discipline.

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