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My Detailed Response To Brooke’s 2015 Google Review

Whilst I usually respond to all of my reviews, I felt this was important tp publish my response to a 2015 Google review in more detail as I take any sort of negative feedback very seriously.

Due to privacy reasons, I won’t disclose Brooke’s specific reasons for wanting to quit smoking. After further diagnosis, however, I concluded that why she hadn’t stopped smoking was because her reasons to quit were not aligned with her core values in life. It was more of a case of “I should quit smoking” rather than “I want to quit smoking.”

A “should,” when carrying out a task to full completion, is conflicted. It evokes reluctance to the task at hand, and that reluctance will put up a battle even if that change is ultimately positive and healthy for the individual. Because of this conflict, Brooke found the immediate satisfaction from smoking far outweighed her long term dissatisfaction from smoking.

Now, lets examine her review more closely.

My Response To Joe’s Google Review

Joe, I’m deeply sorry you didn’t get the result you were looking for.

As mentioned many times before: Applied hypnosis does work well most of the time for most people. So reading this is very unusual.

I would like to clarify however:

The ‘bonus hypnotherapy session’ in exchange for a bonus review is in fact, inaccurate.

My Response To Ismet’s Google Review

I’ve personally reached out to Ismet and his wife with an extended invitation of support for extra guidance and reassurance. After all, they both took the ‘Gold’ quit smoking program which has unlimited support for 12 months.

Neither have responded.

What’s puzzling to me is this review was posted over 2 months after our initial quit smoking session. It’s unclear why my offer of assistance wasn’t taken up in the first place or why I wasn’t notified sooner.

Allow me to point out the obvious: If phone sessions aren’t successful, why do I have dozens upon dozens of phone session reviews — including couples?

Seeing someone face to face does not guarantee the outcome will be successful, it just guarantees you will be seeing someone face to face.

How Helpful Is Hypnosis To Quit Smoking?

How hypnosis has proven to help smokers to quit smoking

Smoking is a fixation that is hard to get by once you are entrapped in the habitual chain. There are many type of cessations available on the market that advertise the quitting process. However, nicotine patches, gums, and tablets all fail to work on the psychological aspect of smoking as well as the individual’s motivation to quit.

Hypnotherapy in the recent years has seen traction among celebrities to quit smoking, Such as Matt Damon and Ellen DeGeneres to abdicate smoking. It gives a more holistic appeal to the quitting process and it works as a catalyst for greater health and a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Many individuals have reported success in releasing the habit of smoking with the help of a hypnotherapist. However, there is one big factor that has made hypnotherapy to be a winner amongst the reported clients who have experienced success. That being faith in your hypnotherapist.

My Detailed Response To Seka’s Google Review

I found Seka’s Google review to be quite surprising considering how positive she felt upon leaving her quit smoking session.

As unexpected as this is, I do take all feedback (positive or negative) very seriously. Let’s break down key aspects of this review and fact-check these claims.

1. “Hypnotherapy is done via Skype.”


I conduct sessions beginning on Skype as a way to introduce myself, but the hypnosis component is carried out over a phone call.

I have been doing this for years and the results are just as (if not more) effective than traditional face-to-face sessions. Don’t believe me? Read my reviews.

My Detailed Response To Madhuri’s Google Review

Thank you for your call interaction feedback, Madhuri. I write feedback and not review as Madhuri’s statement was not based on her direct experience on having used my therapeutic services. With that out of the way, allow me to explain my consultative calls. All enquiries are assessed with those who are wanting to resolve their issues. I ‘consult’ by asking key questions that help me identify what is the person doing (with thoughts, emotions, and behaviors), that allow the problem(s) to arise and exist.

This procedural questioning does take time, as it helps me understand the root of the problem, what’s causing it to manifest, and what tools would be ideal to help the person. Of course, I answer any questions that a client may have and address any of their concerns. It’s important to place much time in preparing the person for success.

Busting 5 Myths About Hypnotherapy


Let’s admit it, hypnosis or hypnotherapy has always fascinated us. But let’s also admit that we most of us have not experienced it in person. Consequently, there are a lot many myths about it that we have actually ended up believing in as an integral part of this kind of therapy. When we talk of hypnosis in Melbourne, the story is not very different. But, the truth is very much far away from the common perception. This is why this blog here, aims to bust 5 massive myths about hypnosis.

Coming to Terms with Hypnosis as a Real Life Practice


When it comes to believing in hypnotherapy for smoking, there are very few people who get convinced at once. We all make an audience for Hollywood movies, and I’d only believe you if it has made you perceive hypnosis like magic conjured by hypnotists with pocket watches and pendulums for fun, for revenge, for harming the others. Perhaps this is the reason why we fail to understand its instrumentality in de-addiction, weight loss, treating pains, depression alleviation, and stress relief.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis is NOT The Only Efficient Hypnosis Around. Here’s Why:


While some people in Melbourne may still not believe in the power of hypnosis, there is an increasing number of people who have benefitted immensely from the hypnotherapy, especially from programs on smoking hypnosis. Effective as hypnosis is, there are is definitely more to it than just quit smoking programs.

What You Should Know About Hypnotherapy


Nowadays, handling stress is a lot more difficult than it ever was before and the problem with this is that your “feelings” can get to you and make you feel negatively about yourself. Not understanding these emotions is what eventually enables you to dig a deep pit for yourself that you feel you can never get out of.

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