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Busting 5 Myths About Hypnotherapy


Let’s admit it, hypnosis or hypnotherapy has always fascinated us. But let’s also admit that we most of us have not experienced it in person. Consequently, there are a lot many myths about it that we have actually ended up believing in as an integral part of this kind of therapy. When we talk of hypnosis in Melbourne, the story is not very different. But, the truth is very much far away from the common perception. This is why this blog here, aims to bust 5 massive myths about hypnosis.

Coming to Terms with Hypnosis as a Real Life Practice


When it comes to believing in hypnotherapy for smoking, there are very few people who get convinced at once. We all make an audience for Hollywood movies, and I’d only believe you if it has made you perceive hypnosis like magic conjured by hypnotists with pocket watches and pendulums for fun, for revenge, for harming the others. Perhaps this is the reason why we fail to understand its instrumentality in de-addiction, weight loss, treating pains, depression alleviation, and stress relief.

Quit Smoking Hypnosis is NOT The Only Efficient Hypnosis Around. Here’s Why:


While some people in Melbourne may still not believe in the power of hypnosis, there is an increasing number of people who have benefitted immensely from the hypnotherapy, especially from programs on smoking hypnosis. Effective as hypnosis is, there are is definitely more to it than just quit smoking programs.

What You Should Know About Hypnotherapy


Nowadays, handling stress is a lot more difficult than it ever was before and the problem with this is that your “feelings” can get to you and make you feel negatively about yourself. Not understanding these emotions is what eventually enables you to dig a deep pit for yourself that you feel you can never get out of.

Hypnotherapy and Self Esteem


Many people suffer with low self-esteem. A lot of them are unable to understand the underlying causes for their situation and state. Prescription drugs and other extrinsic aids can only help deal with the issue to an extent but in order to resolve the problem one must get to the bottom of it. That is specifically what hypnotherapy can help with. 

Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss


Losing weight can feel like a major task, especially when it comes to managing various aspects of your life, simultaneously. Stress levels skyrocket and are usually affected negatively due to which most people tend to gain weight rather than lose it. Such is the impact of stress! Weight loss is all about managing stress levels to make your life easier. So, how can a hypnotherapist in Melbourne help you lose weight?

Hypnotherapy For Smoking


Hypnosis is often confused with ‘magic’ or as a tool used, by hypnotherapists, to convince people to reveal their secrets. This is an inaccurate and untrue assumption and, despite popular belief, it is a state that a certified hypnotherapist would induce to help you quit a habit or to develop one. A person who is hypnotised may appear to be in a state of trance, they can be highly focussed in that state. Research shows that a person, when hypnotised, is subject to higher neurological activity. Yet, a person could still be aware of their surroundings and the sounds around them.

Robert’s story…

I thought I share some feedback I received

from a client who had been battling his

gambling addiction for years.

I just had to share this with you…

Once there was a person of

authority, high up in her field.

She had a condition.

And she suffered terribly.

It was eating her

from the “inside out”.

"Regret Proof" your life with hypnotherapy


There’s nothing worse than having regrets.

All too many people do though.

Especially in the autumn and winter years

of their life.

They think back on all the things

they could have done and should have