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About Me

Clinically Advanced Ericksonian Melbourne Hypnotherapist, Cognitive “Mind” Coach, Quit Smoking and Weight Loss Hypnosis Expert

StopSmokingHypnotherapist-MarcoI have been a Melbourne clinical hypnotherapist and personal success cognitive coach for many years now, with continuing studies based on the work of great mentors of mine, Dr. Milton Erickson and Igor Ledochowski.

As a passionate helper, I believe it’s important to advance my learnings on a daily basis. This allows me to achieve great results, working with literally thousands of people in all walks of life.

These people come in two forms:

Those who have issues they want to resolve so they can feel “normal again”, and those who really want to “push their potential” to higher levels.

Whatever goal they have specified as motivation to do this work, I have learned that everyone hired me for just one purpose — to help them really live their dreams. These people want it all.

They want tremendous success, loving relationships,
great health, vitality and impressive wealth.
They want to set a laser like focus on achieving their goals, and of course,
they want to have the inner peace needed to really enjoy all of it.

In each one on one session:

I focus on your inner mind with a special sound that athletes and astronauts alike
Have used to develop a laser like focus and concentration.
At the same time, this sound stimulates your brain’s lower centres,
deeply planting the success secrets of that particular session.
Through this process, success comes to feel more natural and effortless.

This hypnotherapy component focuses on your feelings and behaviours:

Especially those that are generated automatically from deep inside your inner mind.
By doing this, I help you take control of the three most important aspects of becoming a true master           of your own destiny: Your thoughts, your feelings and your habits.

Because your thoughts will change your feelings.
These feelings will determine your actions.
Over time, your actions become habits and your habits will determine                                                         what kind of life you end up leading.

If you follow my recommendations:

You will change how you think,
feel and behave and you will do that in the normal everyday world
where success is really achieved. 

Marco Auciello,
Founder & Director of
Melbourne Cognitive Hypnotherapy


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