Skype Hypnosis Coaching Program

WARNING: Millions of people the world over unknowingly sabotage their success everyday in areas of – business, career, money, relationships, and health…because they were not exposed to the life-changing information you’re about to read.




“Laugh At Your Money Problems, Bad Habits, Poor Relationships, And Other Troubles – Just by Following This Simple Program”



From: Marco Auciello (Melbourne Hypnotherapist)
Melbourne Cognitive Hypnotherapy


Dear Reader,

Life moves way too fast.

As a result, your goals and vision are overlooked, forgotten, or abandoned.

Your dreams simply fall by the wayside.

Its frustrating and quite depressing to go through life when youre no longer pursuing anything that MATTERS TO YOU.

You want to be your best, but at times it seems impossible to maintain YOUR attention, motivation, energy, and…even hope.

Are you ready to change that?

You can, with the…

Secrets to a Successful Life Skype Hypnosis Coaching Program

What would you say if I offered to help you live a much better life?

Are you interested in becoming your best in the areas the matter most to you? Are you ready to experience MORE?


The good news is…

…”You can have it all with Skype Hypnosis Coaching.


Skype Hypnosis Coaching allows you to enjoy consistent, regular one-on-one hypnotherapy coaching sessions, comfortably and privately – from your home or office! In fact, with Skype, you can complete hypnosis coaching sessions from anywhere in the world.

And yes, Skype allows you to experience the FULL benefits of hypnosis coaching.

By using this complete Skype Hypnosis Coaching program, with life-changing systems that were specially developed over several years, you can…

  • Create impressive wealth
  • Enjoy loving relationships
  • Experience tremendous success
  • Achieve your goals, easily
  • Improve your health and vitality
  • Let go of stress, and embrace inner peace

The real reason you’re unable to achieve these things is because…

Your Habits And Mindset Are Sabotaging Your Success. And, You Dont Even Realise It.

And, if you continue to live with those self-defeating habits and limiting beliefs, youll never experience the life you deserve.

You can read all the books (and you probably have)…

…but you still won’t experience your full potential.

But, with the “Secrets to a Successful Life Skype Hypnosis Coaching Program ,” you can…

  • Boost Your Natural Talents
  • Get Motivated, and End Procrastination
  • Dissolve Your Self-Doubt

As a hypnotherapist and success coach, Ive helped thousands of people, from just about every imaginable background.

Taking advantage of this proven system, your mind will be reprogrammed to focus intently on your goals and dreams.

You’ll be able to easily put forth all your energy to being your best.

Youll develop new habits that move you quickly towards your dreams, goals, and vision.

With the “Secrets to a Successful Life Skype Hypnosis Coaching Program ,” you will also…

  • Identify your limiting beliefs, and habits
  • Recognise and define what your “best” really is
  • Reprogram yourself to achieve success, in anything.

This unique, one-on-one Skype hypnotherapy coaching program uses special mind training exercisesand insights to bring you amazing results.


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Skype Success!

Skype Testimonials

I used to think that even if possible, this is the sort of stuff one could only conceive in person but never on a Skype session.

I want to share with everyone this hypnotic experience of bliss, joy and happiness I had thanks to Marco. I can truly say it was more than just an amazing mind blowing experience; it was a near spiritual experience! Marco not only empathises with you, he truly connects and understands you and whatever issues or challenges you might be going through in your life. His voice is soothing, caring and sweet. I still cannot believe how good I felt and how slowly day by day soon after the session, changes for the better began in my life. I am talking also about changes I didnt realise at first were needed to balance other aspects in my life. I used to think that even if possible, this is the sort of stuff one could only conceive in person but never on a Skype session. 

Well I was wrong and I am a convert now; I believe Marco can help you not only in person, but also on Skype, email, even SMS text. I am a more balanced, centred and productive human being after my session with Marco. I know I shall enjoy many more sessions in the future and know my life will be better than ever before. I also know I shall have deliverance to me of an important part of my life that has been absent and is now being returned to me. It is a privilege as well as a blessing to know, work with and have Marco in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Marco. My experience was wonderful, blissful and exciting. I felt energised and as if I slept 12 hours. Priceless.

~ Jesus on Skype (Business Consultant)

“I was surprised at how much I gained from the Skype session as I had thought that it would not be the same …”

Hi Marco, Thanks for your email. I have enjoyed the program so far and am seeing some real results, which is great. I was surprised at how much I gained from the Skype session as I had thought that it would not be the same, in fact I think it was actually better.

I think that the sessions were worth the money and I would certainly (and have already) recommend them to my friends and colleagues. Hypnosis does appeal to me as a contributor to long term change in mental patterns and I will continue to participate in these sessions as I identify issues within myself that I would like to resolve.

Thanks Marco, I have really enjoyed what you have contributed so far and look forward to doing some more sessions with you during the year.

~ Amanda on Skype (Practitioner)

“It’s very short and powerful. The impact it had being so quick really surprised me.

“I tend to be quite resistant and afraid about something that may control me, but I felt quite comfortable to go there. It’s very short and powerful.  The impact it had being so quick really surprised me. 

I’m surprised on how you can do that.” 

~ Michael on Skype (Business Owner)

Does Skype Hypnosis Coaching Really Work?

Among the main ingredients to effective personal development and change is consistent, regular coaching. That’s why it’s important for you to find a coaching structure that fits your lifestyle and schedule.

Skype Hypnosis Coaching allows you to enjoy consistent, regular one-on-one hypnotherapy coaching sessions, comfortably and privately – from your home or office! In fact, with Skype, you can complete coaching sessions from anywhere in the world.


Hypnosis Training Via Skype

And yes, Skype allows you to experience 100% of hypnosis coaching benefits.

The Advantages of Skype Hypnosis Coaching over Traditional Coaching

Skype technology is transforming the world of coaching hypnotherapy.

It empowers you to speak with your hypnotherapist (and coach) anytime, anywhere…with benefits such as:

  • No Traveling
  • Time-savings
  • Convenience
  • Comfortable, Relaxing Setting
  • Flexibility (Easily Accommodate Your Schedule)
  • Confidential, Private (Encrypted Communication Transmissions)
  • Highly Personalised
  • Custom Designed & Interactive

You’ll be pleasantly surprised how well-connected we can be with Skype Hypnosis Coaching.

And, Skype Hypnosis Coaching’s convenient structure allows you to spend less time commuting…and more time enjoying life…or handling other priorities. Plus, you’ll never be forced to miss a coaching session because of vacation or travel. You can even enjoy your session while away from home, out of the country, or even during your lunch break.

Please Note: Face to Face Hypnotherapy Coaching is not currently available.

So What Exactly is Skype?

It’s an application you install on your home PC, laptop, tablet device, or smart phone.

Using the Internet, Skype empowers you to connect to anyone across the globe…with video and voice calls. The installation is quick, easy, and simple. And, you can use it anywhere you have an Internet connection.

What is Required for Skype Hypnosis Coaching?

  • Sign up for a free Skype account
  • Internet Connection (broadband recommended)
  • Computer (laptop or desktop)…or Mobile Device
  • Microphone and Speakers…or Headset
  • Comfortable, Quiet Environment

It takes only 3 to 5 minutes for you to sign-up for your FREE Skype account. Then you’ll be ready to enjoy the benefits of Skype Hypnosis Coaching.

Your Free, Complimentary Coaching Call

Once I receive your enquiry, I will personally telephone to further discuss the finer-details of the Secrets to a Successful Life Skype Hypnosis Coaching Program

More importantly, further determine through a series of questions – your suitability to be part of my Skype Hypnosis Coaching Program.

Think of it as your personal “audition” time.

Don’t worry though – it will just be an informal chat so we can both determine if everything is a good fit all-round. And I need to be certain that you are dedicated enough by being willing to commit coaching.

Then, if – (based on your telephone / Skype “audition”) — I approve you into my Secrets to a Successful Life Skype Hypnosis Coaching Program you will then be allowed to secure one of the 5 spots being allocated.

This is an excellent way to decide if this hypnosis coaching program is right for you. And, it won’t cost you anything to find out.

If you decide it’s not for you, then there’s absolutely no risk on your part. Just the promise of a convenient, powerful, and effective way to…experience the FULL benefits of a coaching hypnosis program.


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How Does This Skype Hypnosis Coaching Process Work?

If you’re considering taking advantage of Skype Hypnosis Coaching, then it would help if you understand the outline of the process…and what you can expect.

Following is an outline of how the process will work for each of your 12 Skype Hypnosis Coaching modules…

  1. You contact me to determine on how Secrets to a Successful Life Skype Hypnosis Coaching Program can best help you
  2. We schedule (subject to availability) your initial personal “audition” time Skype (or phone) call and discuss your objectives (goals)
  3. After our call, (assuming you get approved into the coaching of course), you’ll be sent a specially-designed manual for your module/month
  4. About 7 days later, we’ll have your Skype or phone call, and discuss the ideas generated by the manual and assess the most effective approach for your upcoming Skype Hypnosis Coaching Session
  5. Then about 7 days after that, you and I will have our interactive one-to-one, 60-minute Skype Hypnosis Coaching Session
  6. After your Skype Hypnosis Coaching Session, you receive two (2) cutting-edge Mp3s that you’ll listen to for 14 days

Each coaching hypnotherapy module consists of the above, and over a 4-week period. This same process occurs for each subsequent module, each month.

Please Note: Face to Face Hypnotherapy Coaching is not currently available.

“So, What Do You Get With This Breakthrough and High-Performance Skype Hypnosis Coaching Program?”

One-on-One Skype Hypnosis Coaching offers you life-changing benefits of personal coaching and hypnosis. You receive 100% focus and attention. Furthermore, Skype Hypnosis Sessions help you to dive deep into your subconscious mind and rewire your thinking and habits.

The “Secrets to a Successful Life Skype Hypnosis Coaching Program” gives you powerful, life-enhancing Skype hypnotherapy coaching, and includes…

  • 24 Powerful, Cutting-Edge Mp3s (Two Mp3s per module). Provided to help accelerate mental stimulation, growth and change.
  • 12 Skype Coaching Calls (One call per module). These are the initial calls at the beginning of the program module…to ensure your optimal level of success. Each 30-minute coaching call will be one-on-one, private, and secure.
  • 12 Skype Hypnosis Coaching Sessions (One session per module). Get the greatest benefit of coaching and lasting change with an entire year of coaching via Skype, and support. Each 60-minute interactive coaching session will be one-on-one, private, and secure.
  • 12 Powerful Mind Manuals for Rapid Change (One manual per module). Designed to help you achieve faster results. Engage your mind and stimulate higher levels of thinking, with ease. Each coaching session comes with its own unique manual for remarkable results and rapid change.

Your modules will focus on each of the following success areas, including

  1. Stress Success
  2. Easy Ways 4 Breaking Habits
  3. Self-Esteem Success
  4. The Winning Mindset
  5. Having Fantastic Relationships
  6. Maximum Motivation
  7. Getting Past Your Past
  8. Emotional Mastery – The Power of Negative Emotions
  9. Healing Health
  10. Live the Life of Your Dreams
  11. Money Making Machine
  12. The Flawless Future

Youll find this program to be simple, easy, fun to followand effective.

You’ll find the hypnotherapy component of your Skype Hypnosis Coaching modules to be a real lifesaver, and game changer.

During the hypnotherapy segment of your coaching, you’ll…

  • Dive deep into your inner mind where your feelings and behaviours are automatically generated.
  • Take control of the three (3) most important aspects of becoming the master of your own destiny.
  • Align your thinking, feelings, and behaviours with your goals

You probably already know what you want out of life – so you’ll use the hypnotherapy component to fine-tune your mind and habits to help you get there, quickly and easily.

You’ll draw upon your full potential.


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Connect with Your World, See New Opportunities

After each Skype Hypnosis Coaching session, you’ll see opportunities everywhere.

  • You’ll experience a much deeper connection with the world around you.
  • You’ll begin to overcome life-long bad habits, negative thoughts, stress, and anxiety.

This will enable you to develop a brand-new mindset, so that you’re ready for anything.

Your Friends, Family, and Colleagues Will Wonder What On Earth Are You Doing Differently!

After enrolling in this revolutionary hypnotherapy coaching Skype program, people around you will notice something different about you.

You’ll begin radiating success – at work, home, and everywhere you go.

In fact, you’ll probably start receiving compliments from others before you realise for yourself, that your life is changing for the better.

Nevertheless, it will be totally up to you whether you tell them about your 12 breakthrough, hypnotherapy coaching modules that are included in the “Secrets to a Successful Life Skype Hypnosis Coaching Program”…





Stress robs your life of energy, focus, and success.

It forces you to struggle.

It makes you work against yourself.

And, stress sabotages your own success.

During your “Stress Success” coaching session, you’ll…

  • Quickly get rid of all stress in your life
  • Confront and overcome the causes of persistent stress
  • Switch off your minds worry-mode
  • Reduce the unhealthy effects of stress on your body
  • Use special exercises to relax and manage stress

Are you ready to finally overcome stress, anxiety, and tension from you life, once and for all?

The “Stress Success” module will give you the tools and help necessary to achieve success by eliminating your stress.





All habits are picked up along your journey of life
– from infancy through the present day.

And, it’s frustrating because they are some bad habits seem impossible for you to break. You just cant shake them no matter how hard you try.

In your “Easy Ways 4 Breaking Habits” coaching module, you’ll…

  • Remove significant stumbling blocks from your life
  • Gain freedom from negative behaviours
  • Identify and dissolve the root of your bad habits
  • Develop more self-discipline, easily
  • Redirect your mental energy to new and empowering habits.

At last, wouldn’t you like to be free of the bad habits ruining your life, career, relationships, and business?

The “Easy Ways 4 Breaking Habits” module will allow you to stop your bad habits. Easily and naturally.

So you can start living a more satisfying life.





The most successful people believe in themselves.

They radiate confidence.

That’s why you need unshakeable self-esteem and confidence.

Without self-esteem and confidence, you cant enjoy life, influence others, or achieve worthwhile goals.

During your “Self-Esteem Success” coaching module, you’ll…

  • Eliminate self-defeating self-talk
  • Totally believe in your abilities, and feel good about yourself
  • Experience tremendous confidence in all areas of life
  • Stop doubting yourself
  • Tackle new projects and tasks with self-assuredness

Imagine your life brimming with a new and empowering “can-do” attitude.

The “Self-Esteem Success” module will allow you to…

experience confidence like never before.

You’ll easily shrug off temporary setbacks.





Winners possess a special mindset.

They persist and press forward when other people simply give up.

You are capable of easily developing the winning mindsetalso.

By completing your “The Winning Mindset” coaching module, you’ll…

  • Learn from your mistakes, effortlessly and fast
  • Overcome difficult problems in minutes
  • Discover how to maintain your own winning frame of mind
  • Create a laser-sharp, winning-style of thinking, fast
  • Become a consistent winner

Your development of a “winning” mindset is a powerful tool. And, with it, you will be able to do extraordinary things.

“The Winning Mindset” module will allow you to think and act like a true winner.


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A successful life” is built with successful relationships”.

This includes relationships in the areas of…

  • Romance
  • Career
  • Business
  • Family
  • Friends

You will enjoy fantastic success in all areas of your life AFTER having in place “fantastic relationships.”

During your “Having Fantastic Relationships” Skype hypnotherapy session, you’ll…

  • Discover the “principles of successful relationships”
  • Correct damaging mistakes that cost you valuable relationships
  • Attract, and fascinate people around you, everywhere
  • Learn what others expect from you
  • Become clear on what you expect and need from people

Imagine having fantastic relationship with everyone at work, home, or play.

The “Having Fantastic Relationships” module will help you enjoy meaningful relationships that bring more happiness and success into your life.





Every year, productive people – those who run billion-dollar corporations – get more done by maximising their motivation.

Aren’t you tired of the lost opportunities and unnecessary problems caused by – procrastination and your lack of motivation?

If so, NOW is your time to supercharge your motivation and get rid of procrastination, once and for all!

Your “Maximum Motivation” coaching module will help you to…

  • Discover the psychology of procrastination
  • Overcome procrastination, once and for all
  • Become a productive person who gets more done every day
  • Boost your motivation and feel excited to do more
  • Ignore distractions

Isn’t it time you had the motivation to seek AND more importantly, complete new opportunities?

The “Maximum Motivation” module will help show you how to motivate yourself, remove obstacles and get more things done.


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Millions of people feel out of control.

For these men and women, they are at the mercy of their emotions.

And, for that reason, life just happens to them – usually unpleasant and undesirable events.

Your “Emotional Mastery” coaching module allows you to…

  • Use your emotions, instead of letting them use you
  • Drain away your unpleasant emotional pressure
  • Run your emotions, and your life
  • Become the master of your emotions

Are you secretly afraid of your emotions?

Are you ready to be in total control of your emotions?

The “Emotional Mastery” module helps you to finally…

get complete control over your emotions.

Get ready to say good-bye to your negative emotions.





The personal history of most successful people was once full of limiting beliefs, bad experiences, and unforgettable failures.

Such men and women only attained their success AFTER freeing themselves of their past.

Most people have something in their past that is holding them back even if they dont know what it is.

Your “Getting Past Your Past” coaching module is specially designed to help you…

  • Let go of your past mistakes or failures
  • Break free from whatever haunts you
  • Use your past to motivate yourself for future success
  • Uncover the power in your past mistakes and failures, so your future is brighter
  • Harness the positive energy from past positive experiences

Are you still paying the price for past mistakes?

Why allow your past to postpone your future any longer?

Start the process.

The “Getting Past Your Past” module can help you…

erase limiting beliefs, shame, guilt, and anything else from your past thats keeping you from living the life you deserve.

It’s time to get past your past and build a “new” you.


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On the road to success, many people fail to give their health proper care.

Its easy to lose focus of extremely important areas, such as health, when your complete focus is on achieving your goals.

Also, lifes challenges can make it difficult to feel like eating healthier or getting even 20 minutes of physical activity each day.

Your “Healing Health” coaching module will allow you to…

  • Prevent your health from deteriorating
  • Maximise your energy
  • Tune into your bodys ability to heal itself, naturally
  • Recognise early-warning signs of bad health
  • Reprogram your mind to be healthy, full of vitality

Today, your health is more important than ever before.

Around the world, millions of people are suffering from preventable health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Why sacrifice your health another day?

The “Healing Health” module was created to help you achieve and maintain good health, easily.

Say “yes” to your health, and a long life.





Your brain is powerful, if used properly.

In fact, science proved that physically, Einsteins brain was average.

History’s most recognised, renowned, and ingenious inventors (and scientists) achieved huge success because of how they used their minds– differently from you.

They tapped into their inner genius to manifest their dreams.

Your “Living the Life of Your Dreams” coaching module will help you to…

  • Find and use your inner genius for massive success
  • Tap into your brain’s unlimited potential
  • Reprogram your brain to think in smarter ways
  • Unleash your creativity, and solve problems easily
  • Enjoy genius-level thinking, quickly

You can experience intelligence levels similar to historys geniuses.

You simply need to unlock your brains ability to enhance your unique talents, so you can live your dreams.

The “Living the Life of Your Dreams” module lets you claim your place among other men and women whove transformed their dreams into reality – through using their minds in a certain way.

Dare to live your dreams.


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Everyone wishes to they had more money.

If you’re sick and tired of hoping money falls into your lap, then it’s time for you to take your financial future into your own hands.

After all, those who succeed, take action.

Your “Money Making Machine” coaching module enables you to…

  • View money from the perspective of the super-rich
  • Use “the mental secrets” of rich and wealthy people
  • Identify and improve your wealth blueprint
  • Unlock a new world with abundant income streams
  • Overcome your mental barriers to money

You can achieve mastery over your money.

But, first, you have to wash away the negative beliefs from your mind.

The “Money Making Machine” module helps you to rinse away your poor money mindset, and reprogram yourself to have a new and prosperous relationship with money.

See for yourself how everything in your life will change for the better by tapping into your own financial genius with your new way of thinking about money.





The success of your life is closely linked to your goals.

Unfortunately, many people don’t have goals.

They drift through life allowing things to simply happen to them.

On the other hand, some people have tried to set goals, but having accidentally set the wrong kind of goals resulting in failure.

During your “The Flawless Future” coaching module, you will…

  • Dissolve powerful internal conflicts that sabotage your efforts
  • Set the “right type” of goals, that make you happy
  • Discover the proper goal-setting techniques that actually work
  • Identify, remove, and replace your “limiting goals”
  • Inject yourself with positive energy and motivation

You can have the future youve imagined – using this powerful coaching module, “The Flawless Future.”

Are you ready to remove the obstacles standing between you and your goals?


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Here are several interesting testimonials from other Secrets to a Successful Life Skype Hypnosis Coaching Programclients.

Now, they are experiencing greater success – thanks to this dynamic Skype Hypnosis Coaching program.

Read these before deciding if the program is right for you.

“In short, it’s amazing.”

In short, its amazing. I found the program to be very customisable, to be able to work on anything I need to step by step; there is no set rule on what I need to do and when you need to do it which I really enjoy.

Marco guides me through it with advice on what I perhaps should work on, or what will set me up for the things I want to work on. The recordings are fantastic; I love the stories within the recording which for whatever reasons I can always relate to, they always help, once I understood that life isnt all about quick fixes this program has done wonders for me.

Listening to the recordings can seem like a burden at times, but once I relate them to helping me, I dont mind taking the time to do listen to them. Besides, by the time I know it, the recording has ended, its like time doesnt exist when I listen to them and when they are over, Im either asleep or feel much happier and energetic. 

Ive seen counsellors and people of that nature for my issues in the past and found that just talking about things doesnt always help or make me change my mind, I understand that something is wrong but I couldnt change my thinking. For whatever reason hypnotherapy does help me, it gets into my unconscious mind and by the time I know it, Ive become a much stronger person inside and things that would have normally bothered me are fading away.

Im a third of the way through this program and I concentrated on sorting out underlying issues I had first. I have experienced so much change that I am very excited for the next upcoming modules, especially the ones where I can begin to grow inside, to gain new skills, and work towards my life goals.

I so far have paid as much as I would have with a conventional counsellor and received 100 times more the results I ever would have in a far shorter period of time. The relationship I have with Marco is very pleasant, not very formal and he takes the time to listen to and understand my issues and offers the not only the best support but the correct support to help me with the problems.

With conventional counsellors and therapists, they normally watch the clock and throw you out as soon as the times up, but not here; I always get value out of the sessions and he always has time for me, phone and email support is ALWAYS available.

Ive told people that it feels like Ive found god but Im definitely not religious by any means, I really found something that I believe in and that works for me, I feel much happier overall and Im not even done with the program yet.

I first saw Marco @ MCH for my Cannabis and Cigarette addiction, I havent smoked a single cigarette or felt the need to for the past 5 months, when I think of a cigarette it disgusts me, but on the flip side I dont hate people who chose to smoke or am bothered by it like someone would be normally, I smoked around non-smokers in the past, and they absolutely hated it, I couldnt care less.

The best part of it is that I dont feel like someone who has gone through some sort of rehab program, and that cant visit their friends like a reformed alcoholic going to visit his mates at the pub, it just doesnt bother me, I dont associate myself as a smoker anymore.

So what I normally tell people is, I smoked cigarettes and cannabis for 11 years, I never thought Id quit smoking, Marco has given me the power to quit by changing not only my thinking but also the link I had to smoking. If he can sort that out for me, what else could he do? So thats why I started the program.

The interesting part is that people are noticing a different, happier, and stronger me, so I am walking proof that this program is working, its up to them to take the step to help themselves. I was afraid of change but now I embrace it.


After 12 months of Hypnotherapy Coaching

“I saw Marco over a year ago now to help me quit smoking, needless to say it worked! Haven’t had a cigarette for over a year now. I also had recently completed his “Secrets to a Successful Life Program”, I’ve found Marco to be extremely accommodating, able to understand any problem you throw at him and he really cares for your success.

If you take this program seriously and are ready to turn your life around, then you’ve come to the right person. I highly recommend Marco to anyone who wants to improve their life.”

~ Goce (Team Leader)

“Nothing is more empowering than realising that you can make change in your life.”

Transformative. Marco has provided me with access to the correct tools and considered guidance, so that anything is possible. Nothing is more empowering than realising that you can make change in your life.

Its made achieving my goals easy. You instinctively start to do things, things that seemed impossible or debilitating before happen without thinking. Its so seamless, that you really need to stop yourself and say hey, a few weeks ago, this was almost impossible for me to do. Therefore, your goals just start becoming part of your day to day reality, they slowly start to eventuate themselves. This is of course not magic  a lot of work goes into each session with Marco, listening to the MP3s, reading the documents and critical thinking. Over the course of the program, my goals have expanded as I begin to feel more confident, less anxious, and empowered.

Is it worth the money I paid? Absolutely. In hind sight, its a bargain. Considering only your own imagination is the limit to what you can achieve from this program, once you see the return in the various aspects of your life, the financial investment is proportionally insignificant. The critical thing to consider here is that the program delivers results. As opposed to traditional psychological sessions that are about self reflection, these programs are about action. The combination of one on one sessions, fortnightly phone calls, access to audio files and easy to understand reading material are outstanding value for money.

Better than a psychologist; Little self reflection, just the tools you need to battle any problem.

Better than a psychiatrist; Feel empowered that you are transforming your life using your own capacity and free will  not by relying on medication.


After 12 months of Hypnotherapy Coaching

“Marco’s hypnosis program has been an incredible and transformative experience! I would highly recommended it to everyone, having been to countless physiologists and other specialists to battle my anxiety and depression.

As I was so impressed by the initial sessions and the impact and change it brought to my life, I continued onto The ‘secrets to a successful life’ program. One year ago, just before I started, I was in the worst mental state I had ever been in – crippling anxiety, incredible anger and a constant feeling of being overwhelmed and not being able to cope. A year later, I have never felt happier and so connected to everyone around me.

Marco’s hypnotherapy sessions allowed me to overcome my problems. I instinctively started to do things, things that seemed impossible or debilitating before, happened without thinking. Its was so seamless. Marco does an incredible amount of work in each session; the hypnotherapy, counselling, providing recorded MP3’s to listen to in your own time, fortnightly phone calls and well researched and easy to read documents. Over the course of the program, my goals expanded as i began to feel more confident, less anxious and empowered.

Thank you so much Marco!”

~ Costa (Architect & Director)

“This is a perfect way to do it.”

I decided to do the coaching program for a few reasons. The first being that it was just good timing when you sent me the email offering the coaching. At the time, I was quite stressed and when I read through the material and the topics, just about all of them jumped out at me, especially the stress module. Having seen you before I knew what to expect and how effective those sessions were and was hoping that further coaching and hypnotherapy would be just as beneficial.

Secondly, having been through extensive therapy of various kinds I have learnt that I need to look after me first and foremost and want to continue doing just that. This is a perfect way to do it. I would recommend it to anyone who is a little stuck.

I havent really thought about the cost being too much. Compared to other therapy I have paid for over the years it is a good value. Its detailed, thorough, and tailored. I believe that you are a great judge of where I am at, and I appreciate that you havent rushed me through a module before I was ready to move to the next one.

My goals are to be happy within myself and know that I have worked hard to get to where I am emotionally in my life and that my past is just that, my past. It held me back for a long time, but I am determined to not let it control my life moving forward.


After 12 months of Hypnotherapy Coaching


“I first saw Marco Auciello over 12 months ago for a personal issue I needed help getting through.  After 3 sessions I was able to put some things behind me that had been niggling away at me for a long time and finally move on.  A few months later Marco contacted me to see if I was interested in going through 12 modules to improve my life even further.  I have just completed those 12 modules and have to say that it has given me more direction and clarity moving forward in my life.  I am the sort of person who needs a push in the right direction and Marco certainly did that in so many aspects of my life.  I look forward to continuing with him.  He is extremely knowledgeable and great at what he does. Highly recommend his services.”

~ Jenny (Team leader)

“I am seeing things in a new way.”

Hi Marco, despite the issues I am currently dealing with I look forward to our sessions. The most important things I am retaining is a relaxed mind and not reacting or feeling upset over situations that I cannot change or have any control over. I am seeing things in a new way. I am understanding that we all perceive things so differently and am o.k with that. I find most of the information you give out interesting. Im sure the stuff that doesnt interest me much has some significant meaning to my unconscious mind. 

I think seeing a person as well as the phone calls seems to balance out nicely. We all get caught up in our busy lives it is nice to stop and become focussed. I am becoming more aware of my feelings since beginning the program. I feel I am accepting situations and not wasting time trying to change things. I am always on the lookout for a positive opportunity and think I have found it in the coaching. I find Marcos voice is soothing and don t mind listening to the recordings. I would say the recordings are one of the best components that make up the program. The morning and evening are helpful daily. I dont listen to the stress one daily, however it is also effective. At present, I am progressing at a steady pace. Working full time, I still find the time to read the info and process the contents. I am happy so far and am ready to absorb more. 

I feel privileged to be involved and I am optimistic that the results will come over time. 


After 12 months of Hypnotherapy Coaching

“I first met Marco at Melbourne Cognitive Hypnotherapy in April 2013 when he hypnotised my mother and she stopped smoking. That was definitely a miracle in itself. Being curious and very open minded I decided to enquire as to the benefits I could acquire for myself. I then decided to embark upon the 12 Successful Life modules.

Marco is an excellent therapist and I instantly felt comfortable in his company. He has worked very hard to develop the programme and provide also the listening material. I myself found the listening more effective, however combined the reading and the face to face contact in a balanced routine.

I found the information helpful during my fathers sickness and also through the grieving which I am still dealing with at the moment. Just remember you will get out of this as much as you want providing you put in the effort. Day to day life and work issues improve and the difficulty just melt away.

I am inspired to make breakthroughs and make my desires a reality. Marco is supportive and guiding throughout and only a email/phone call/Skype away. I continue to make improvements and manifest a flawless future. I am thankful to meet such a brilliant person. Keep up the great work Marco and continue the journey that you have chosen. You are on the right track.

The program is very uplifting and a positive to anyone in any circumstance or walks of life. You don’t need to be of any status other than the intention to create your future for the better.

I would highly recommend it to anyone and hope to keep in touch with Marco.

And a big thank you for your support.”

~ Mary (Senior Officer)

“It was well worth every cent…”

Following our sessions, I found to be a great deal more relaxed, with a much more confident outlook on life. I have found myself to be much more calm, confident and relaxed in my relationship.

I no longer have that dreaded fear that my partner is going to leave me or how I am going to cope when he does.

I have had years of therapy regarding these fears, and I have lived with it almost all my life. After a couple of sessions with you, these fears disappeared. I have also noticed positive changes in my thoughts and actions.

It was well worth every cent, and I looked forward to our follow-up session and continuing the coaching program with you.

~ Tania (Nurse)

“It is amazing, awesome, and quite possibly addictive!”

Awesome! I have gained so much insight into my own thinking and behaviour, and am now able to consciously make changes. But the changes that have really made the most difference are going on in the background. I am finding I am more focused and in tune with what I am trying to achieve.

I can see definite measurable progress. 

For me it was the right thing at the right time, so priceless really. I would, but not to everyone. You need to be committed to the time required to follow through. It is amazing to do, but honest self reflection is an essential part of making the most I it. 

Hi Marco, So just a quick line to say thank you basically 🙂 I have been doing the meditation each day and I can honestly say I cannot remember a time when I have ever felt so calm, centered, and focused whist also being full of energy, ideas, and excitement. It is amazing, awesome, and quite possibly addictive! What an extraordinary thing to be able to do for people. 

Legend. That is all :-)”

~ Anna (Business Owner)

“The biggest ‘light bulb moment’ I had…”

Hi Marco, Hope you are well. Just wanted to let you know that I have read this part of the module and will move onto the bonus gift tomorrow and Friday.

I will revisit this document next week, with a highlighter as suggested, but already after reading it there are things I can start putting into practice and I have been able identify how I felt in situations in the past, which has led me to how I react to other situations.

The biggest light bulb moment I had (and I am sure that I already knew it deep down just didnt want to admit it) was the fear I had (which makes me anxious) of when I dont like/agree with someone/something; that it is ok for me to feel that negativity towards them, but I am afraid that they will know I have these negative feelings towards them/it, so I get scared that they will in turn have negative feelings towards me. So ultimately, I dont like them for example but I dont want them to not like me because I dont like them.BREAKTHROUGH!!! So I found that strange that I felt that way and even though my other-half has told me to always be honest so people dont think I am fake, it hit me when I went through these exercises……

I look forward to the session on the 26th of July and the journey ahead.

Take care and speak soon!

~ Julie (Executive Assistant)

“I feel like I’ve made more ground in the past few months with hypnotherapy than with an entire decade of normal therapy.”

Very positive – very enjoyable. Im looking forward to continuing along in the program. I feel like Ive made more ground in the past few months with hypnotherapy than with an entire decade of normal therapy.

A lot of my littler goals have been achieved or are close to achievement and I already feel a little bit more in control of my life than before. I feel like I walk away from each session with a few more tools at my disposal for coping with stress and with life in general. I also enjoy the personal tailoring of the program.

I think its a good price for such a program. I also enjoy paying in advance – theres something really comforting in that.

~ Bethany (Teacher)

“The course has helped me to be calmer and more in control of my emotions – something I have found difficult in the past.”

I originally used the program to stop biting my nails, which I had done since I can remember probably 40 years! I now no longer bite my nails habit broken. I returned to the program to address some other issues in my life particularly stress and responding emotionally to many situations. This is something that the stress success and morning and evening exercises have really helped with. I now have a positive outlook to start the day, and know I can handle difficult situations as they arise appropriately not from an emotional reaction!

The course has helped me to be calmer and more in control of my emotions something I have found difficult in the past. I am looking forward to moving on with the program to address other areas in my life from how to be a better husband and father to finally scoring a ton in cricket (a massive mental block for me!)

Yes I believe the course represents good value for money.

Yes, I would recommend the program to others and already have!

~ Simon (Senior Manager)

“This hypnotherapy has helped me immeasurably.”

Hi Marco.finally…….This program has given me a new lease of life. As a professional musician, I suffered terribly from performance anxiety and general lack of confidence in my ability. I still managed to perform well but with terrible nerves.

About 2 weeks after I started the coaching sessions and listening to the recorded sessions, I noticed I was much calmer and more in control when playing. As the weeks have progressed, I find I am more in control, relaxed and focused when at work.

This has also spilled across into my day to day life. I recently went skiing as I have done for the last 5 years and had major success. I have always been a cautious skier and was always on the intermediate slopes. However, this time my thought process had shifted and I was more responsive to lessons. As a result, my technique has improved immensely.

This hypnotherapy has helped me immeasurably. After suffering for so many years, I finally feel that I am on the road to regaining and moving forward with my musical lifewell worth it!! I will be recommending this course to students and colleagues to help them. And believe me when I say I have tried everything! Beta Blockers, acupuncture and herbal medications. This course has definitely been the most effective..

~ Hugh (Music Teacher)

“Definitely recommend it to other athletes.”

I have enjoyed the program. I go through fazes of doing listening to the recordings a lot and I feel more focused. I genuinely believe that it can help.

My goals were to be less nervous public speaking and more confident on the field. The program has helped me with both these.

Definitely recommend it to other athletes. I already have mentioned it to a few teammates.

~ Tom (Athlete)

“I’ve seen changes in the way I approach tasks and keep on track.”

Hi Marco, I chose the coaching program over the session as it appeared to be better value for money. In hindsight (given my personal situation with 2 small children running around and school holidays being upon us) it may have been better to have selected the session as it requires less time to obtain the required results. Dont get me wrong, I value the information I have purchased and the coaching sessions; Im just finding it difficult to get the time to go through all of the material. This could also be me procrastinating!

Experience has been good. Even when I felt that I needed additional helpto bring me back on track, the phone call session helped to achieve this.

Ive found that Im much less likely to just sit down and watch TV (or allow some other distraction to stop me achieving goals). Ive managed to get a number of tasks done and have focused more attention on my older son and doing activities with him (paper machete, building robots, play dates etc). I still havent managed to make my curtains but I dont see it as a stressful event anymore and will get to it once my son goes back to kinder. Plus its also helped me lose a bit of weight as Im moving around alot more than I was.

I always have the CD to go back to for reinforcement.

Yes I would recommend it to others. Ive seen changes in the way I approach tasks and keep on track. I feel the second hypnosis session will reinforce this again which I can then maintain with the CD.

See you on Thursday!

~ Ange (Manager)

“I think the cost of each module is right on par with what you are doing and is easily affordable…”

Hey Marco, here is my feedback so far on the manual part of the module itself.

I have found that reading it the first time round I experienced emotions at the points where there were examples etc. and I was even taken back to certain situations where I could relate to the sensations I was feeling. After reading it, I practiced the steps in each situation that I remembered to help me identify the emotions and label them. I definitely felt a sense of calm in the situations like I was in control and then I became more confident and wasnt so fearful if I had a negative thought about someones actions towards me, that they would hate me if I spoke up, and felt better about myself as a whole.

I re-read the manual and went through it with a highlighter and was able to get more out of things I missed the first time reading it and am now even more confident with my emotions and in touch. Again, I experienced some emotions at certain sections but they were nowhere near as strong as before.

I plan to re-read the manual again with another highlighter and see what I pick up on this time.

I definitely think that reading the manual plants the seed in your brain which allows it to accept the changes that are coming when I do the session with you next week. So I will have more feedback on that after the session in how I am find it out in the world and applying those skills in real life situations. I know that for me, I can let my emotions of fear/anger get so overwhelming that I have seen a pattern where I can over eat/drink and then I actually get sick and my body with throw up what I have eaten, but only to the point of when the overeating started. So for example, I may have dinner, get into an argument at the time I am eating then because I am so angry/fearful I continue to eat and eat until I have to mentally stop myself because I know Ive consumed way more than I normally would and sure enough 5-10mins later I feel like Im going to explode and I end up throwing up the extra I have eaten its like my body is saying, no dont take this in, let it go. So my body is trying to teach my mind so it will be nice to master my emotions so I dont need to get to that stage where my body has to step in because my mind has lost control.

It is very helpful with my goals as for me I know I am confident but I hate the feeling of upsetting someone, but then I allow people to upset me or take advantage of my generosity. I know I can sometimes over-react and keeping my emotions in check will allow me to make the right decision in responding to someone who is taking advantage of me and someone who means well but I may not just see it at that time in the conversation. That is why I think after having the hypnotic session is great to close the loop on that section and the next module Having fantastic Relationships will greatly improve on the ones that are genuine and I can decipher the ones that are not and also stand up for myself or not fear asking questions of peoples intentions when they are not treating me right.

I think the cost of each module is right on par with what you are doing and is easily affordable by many and what you get out of it, if you are really ready for that change is amazing. You have this sense of accomplishment about yourself and that you can do anything you set your mind too, but it doesnt allow you to be cocky and as soon as you begin to act in that way, you are put back in your place be it by divine intervention or karma you know you have over stepped the mark. So it is a great tool to have and I think reading the manual and having mp3s will just reinforce the changes you are making subconsciously.

I know for me I get a lot out of also just talking to you about what it is I want to change or need help with because Im verbalising it, it allows my mind to prepare itself, go through all the emotions of fear and anxiety of change and then accepting it because it knows its coming. Thats how I would describe it.

I would definitely recommend your services and this program to people. I know people spend thousands of dollars to see Psychologist and I think in some way it is very similar in that you talk about your issues but you are helped along the way to make changes by tapping into your subconscious mind.


~ Julie (Executive Assistant)

“I hate to think where I would be without this…”

“So far I have found the program profoundly helpful in areas of my life I hadn’t even considered when starting the program. My original intention was to increase my motivation and goal setting abilities . Since beginning the program I have not only achieved this but also cured my claustrophobia which was increasing impacting on my driving and everyday life. I have received guidance an assistance with my marital and emotional issues and stability. I have been able to clearly set out and define my goals and a path to achieve them. 

The course has given me clarity and closure in the areas of my life that were creating barriers to me achieving the goals I had set out, and also taught me how to more clearly define future goals and plans for achieving them. 

This program is worth every cent!! I hate to think where I would be without  this. I was on a very negative down wood spiral and this has not only pulled me out but given me the tools to maintain and constantly improve my goal of a happy and successful life.

Absolutely I would recommend this. I already have and will continue to do so. If you want to make a permanent, positive change in your life, this is for you. 

~ Fiona (Mother & Student)

“I have recommended it to my girlfriend…”

Experience has been good, I have recommended to my girlfriend and she has booked with you. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow Marco!

~ Danny (Account Manager)

“It has guided me in the right direction.”

“I have had some very positive effects, a lot of really useful information that can be used to improve your life.

It has guided me in the right direction.

~ Jasmine (Musician)


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