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The Triangle Of You

The 3 key points to self mastery are:

your thoughts, your feelings, and your


Hypnosis Triangle 1

If you master these three things you

master yourself essentially. 


When you master yourself you

create personal power

because all your thinking,

your feelings

and behaviours are congruent and

aligned along the lines of

the realities your interacting with.


This is when you begin to

master your own destiny.


Your thoughts allow you create

a reality that is useful.

A world for you to live in for a

problem to not exist, to learn

better, to have greater self-esteem,

to be better at sports, to win an election

or whatever your outcome is

intended to be.


From the outcome that you want,

your first step is to think

about a reality that is consistent

with itself. Which is the natural

consequence of the outcome

that you want.


But thinking is not enough.


You need to have power behind it,

it has to be empowered in such a way

so your reality is maintained.


And what empowers your thinking

are your feelings. If you talk in a

certain way and your tonality sub-

communicates of having no faith or belief

in the reality you want, there is

no power in it

to make it real. Even though

it may exist inside your mind,

because of no emotional–

attachment to it, there is no

feeling behind it,

and if there is no feeling there is

no power driving it.


This then comes out in your behaviour

which is the third wing of self-mastery.

Your behavior allows you

to project this internally

empowered sense of reality

you created. Projecting this through

your sub-communications in many different

channels. Such as tonality, language and



All these things will be influenced

by the feelings or state you are in.

This is in turn influenced by

the reality you created and how

it interacts with your feelings to make it

more real for you.


Your thoughts, feelings and

behaviours shape your own reality.

These make up 3 points of a triangle.


Now the beauty of this triangle,

is that each point will affect, reinforce

and change the other points 

of the triangle. In other words,

the way that you think about things will

influence the way that you feel

and behave.

Hypnosis Triangle 2


Here’s an example.


Think of a person that you

really dislike and notice

how you feel?


Then clear your mind.


Now think of a person that you

really like and again notice

how you feel?


By doing that,

you had a different emotional experience

based on two different thoughts.

You allowed your thoughts to

dwell on something you like and

something you disliked. That affected

your feelings. Followed by your state

being altered because of it.

Hypnosis Triangle 3


you think about a disaster scenario such as

having a conflict with someone. That will

alter your state significantly in a negative

or stress related direction.


Think about people that you love or

pleasant experiences and things you like

doing. You then go into a calmer set of

experiences. So your state gets altered

into a more calmer, tranquil states

of experience.

Hypnosis Triangle 3

Simultaneously, as those

states happen, your behaviour alters.

Typically you think of somebody you don’t

like or a situation that is unpleasant

and you may want to avoid that person

or confront them. Like wise

with the situation.


Of course vice versa.

You think of a person you like,

and you want to approach that

person or situation.


Let’s look at feelings.

Have you ever noticed how difficult

it is to think of cheerful thoughts

when your depressed or remember

good times?


Or if you do think about

good times it seems distant

or dissociated?



you’ll noticed that your performance

goes down. Have you ever been

depressed whilst playing a sport?


One of two things happen.


Either you lose your depression.

You cheer up basically.


Or you play horribly.

Hypnosis Triangle 4

Either your behaviour changes your state,

and therefore your thoughts.

Or your state changes the behaviour

which will change your thinking.


Of course,

doing something over and over again

becomes a habit.


An easy way to remember this

life formula is the following:


Your thoughts will

change your feelings.

Your feelings will

drive your behaviour.

Your behaviour over time

become habits, and your

habits will determine

what kind of life you end up


Hypnosis Triangle 5If you understand this model

you will go from feeling

powerless to being empowered.


P.S. This is just one concept.

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