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I just had to share this with you…

Once there was a person of

authority, high up in her field.

She had a condition.

And she suffered terribly.

It was eating her

from the “inside out”.

Nobody knew

what she was going through,

but they felt the brunt of her actions.

Relationships failed.

Investments collapsed.

And Josphine was drowning in a sea of debt.

Her mind constantly veered back

to the past thinking “all was lost.”

Then one day, after

reading my emails, she decided

that: It was time.

Because just as she realised that

all was lost in the past, she also

remembered that not all had been 


And was open to the possibility,

that her past…did not have to be

her future.

We spent some time together.

And after completing my Stop Gambling

Addiction Program, this is what she had to say:

I have been a chronic gambler for over 20 years. 

Over the years I have tried many programs

and different counsellors

with false hope and probably without the

commitment or real want to beat my habit. 

“I visited Marco with an open mind

and with a desire to get on top of the

disease that had controlled me

and infested my mind.  

“With Marco’s help I was able to

reprogram my mind.

Some simple exercises helped me

open my mind, clear it of its infestation and

install safety measures that help me cope

with my day to day pressures.

“I’m a realist,

I have to reprogram my mind every day and

keep faith in the practices Marco has taught me.

With Marco’s help I haven’t gambled

for over 40 days, that’s BIG for me.

“There are no miracles in curing any addiction,

I finally made the admission to myself that

I was a gambler and I took the necessary

measures to correct my behaviour.

“Marco helped me along the way by

listening not judging,

and giving advice and instruction that

helped me relax and focus on

correcting my past behaviours.

Take a deep breath,

open your mind and begin

your new journey.

My goals evolve around some simple needs.

I need to rebuild relationships,

re establish myself emotionally

and financially and look forward to some travel. 

“With Marco’s help I have been able to

commence the long journey to redemption.

“I’ve caused family and friends a lot

of grief over the years and I now

have the confidence to rebuild

my life and the relationships

with the people I hurt.

“The money I paid Marco is the best investment

I made in a long time.

The amount compared to the many thousands

I’ve blown over the years is insignificant.

The small investment I made in Marco

has already paid for itself many times over.

“I’m truly reaping the rewards.

I do recommend the program to others

that may feel there’s no hope. 

I’ve learned through Marco’s program

that there’s always a solution.

“In my case I was the solution.

“I needed to admit I had an addiction,

that I was in need of help and that

I was open to change no matter

the pain or anguish.

We all have the potential

to be better people. 

I know I want to be better.   

Thanks Marco”


We all have the potential

to be better people

Could not have said it better myself!


is untapped, and that’s


achieved in your life.

Many times over, people “give up”

on their dreams because they couldn’t

achieve a desired outcome in the period

of time they wanted it.

So they tell themselves

“it’s not realistic” to aim that high.

Such a shame.

What they don’t realise is,

realism is usually a FAR CRY of what’s


It’s not that they couldn’t

achieve the outcome they wanted.

They just didn’t know how…

You do.

And maybe it’s about time you

‘take a deep breath, open your mind

and begin your new journey’ too.

Rather than focussing exclusively

on the problem.

See the possibilities you have

all around you.

The potential that lies inside you.

So you too can rediscover, your

true purpose in life, and finally 

reap the rewards you deserve.

Marco – MCH

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