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Robert’s story…

I thought I share some feedback I received

from a client who had been battling his

gambling addiction for years. It reads:
“My experience with the gambling program

has been so positive, and changed my life

in such a good way I strongly recommend

it to anyone who knows deep down their gambling

is becoming a problem.

“For the last 8 months I have been living

pay check to pay check while making sure

all my bills were payed the rest I’d gambled,

until I went through the program it has been

only one week but already I have $500

in my account I wouldn’t normally have.

“After the program I have not had a

thought of gambling its not even on my to-do-list

its like my mind doesn’t know what it is anymore

“Although being early days I think the program

is going to go a long way in accomplishing my goals

as the obvious reason would  be a lot more money

in my bank account, which will enable me to

reach my goals of travelling and getting married.

“I’d also like to talk about the long term goals of being

happily married and not having to lie

about where money is being spent and having kids

where there’s always going be food on the table and

clothes on their back.

“Being a gambler I’ve seen where

some end up and it’s not a good place:

Divorce, visiting your kids on weekends… 

hence the reason I made the choice to do the program

is a long term goal of being a non gambler

and a provider for my family.  

“I think the best way to answer, 

was it worth the money I paid,

would be to picture yourself in a boat

in the middle of an ocean

your standing there and in your hand

you have a 1 litre bottle of water,

the bottle signifies the payment I paid

for the program in comparison to the ocean

of money over a lifetime I’d loose.

It definitely was worth the money I paid for it.”

I would definitely recommend the program

to anyone struggling with gambling.” 


There’s a message within all of this:

Like Robert, you could be “going a long way

in accomplishing your goals” by reaching

your own pursuit of happiness.


Well, Robert invested in 4 sessions

of hypnotherapy.

You do NOT need to invest 4 sessions in

beginning the process of change.

All you need to do is start.

Just start.

Come to one session.

Listen to any recordings given to you.

Read any relevant material sent to you.

Even once.

The result: You can begin making very large

positive changes by getting more out of life than

you thought possible within a very short

period of time.

With my unique blend of hypnotherapy and

cognitive coaching, you can…

– beat a bad habit you’ve been fighting

– having a sense of personal control

– feel more calm and in-charge

– overcome resistance and procrastination

– realise your full potential

You can even help someone else in making 

a BIG CHANGE by sending this email to them.

Whatever the case may be.

Be like Robert.

Invest in yourself.

The return will be more than worth it!

Marco – MCH

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