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Hypnotherapy For Smoking


Hypnosis is often confused with ‘magic’ or as a tool used, by hypnotherapists, to convince people to reveal their secrets. This is an inaccurate and untrue assumption and, despite popular belief, it is a state that a certified hypnotherapist would induce to help you quit a habit or to develop one. A person who is hypnotised may appear to be in a state of trance, they can be highly focussed in that state. Research shows that a person, when hypnotised, is subject to higher neurological activity. Yet, a person could still be aware of their surroundings and the sounds around them.

Hypnosis is, as referred by C. Roy Hunter in The Art of Hypnosis: Mastering Basic Techniques, a natural state and one that we’re in when we read, watch a movie or even listen to songs that we like and enjoy. People undergo hypnotism for various reasons. Some opt for it to deal with emotional trauma and addictions of all sorts. Hypnotherapy for smoking, for instance, has proven to be a very effective tool that has enabled many to break the habit. What a certified clinical hypnotherapist does is that he or she merely nudges a patient in the ‘right’ direction so they are capable of achieving their goals. The client is well-aware and informed of the process so that he or she is ready to achieve his or her goals.

So, what exactly happens where hypnotherapy for smoking is concerned? Well, by getting you into a state of trance a hypnotherapist enables you to explore your subconscious mind and spot factors that might have affected you in a manner that you felt the need to resort to smoking. A certified hypnotherapist would usually install the idea that a person who is currently reliant on smoking, does not smoke and such treatments usually show great results within 6 weeks.

And with Melbourne Cognitive Hypnotherapy, that quit smoking hypnosis treatment is usually only one session. Contact Marco if you’re wanting to see a hypnotherapist in Melbourne and find out how that treatment can work for you.