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The "Magic Bullet" therapy

50 years ago,
President  John F. Kennedy
was assassinated.

The “magic bullet theory” is what theorists
describe how a single bullet that seemingly
zig-zagged and passed through
tough skin and dense bone in order to reach
it’s target.

many of my clients who experience
my version of hypnosis tell me of their own
“magical” experience.

Whilst it can feel magical,
it’s important to understand that
hypnosis is not magic.

The hypnosis community in general

have belied some of the realities on the


Here’s what I mean:

Somewhere along the lines this idea has crept

into our field,
that a hypnotherapist should
be able to resolve ALL PROBLEMS in one session
for an individual.

And that’s it.

The person is done and doesn’t need
any more help ever again.

Now whilst that is something worth striving for,

and with many issues,

it’s also very realistic in achieving that.

But they are some people,
and some issues,
simply require more time.

Now if a therapist is stuck in a frame of mind
that you can solve everything in 1 hour,
they are robbing some people of an important
part of their learning cycle. 

Which brings me to my next point:

Consistency is crucial.

I remember early on when I first started my
“Secrets to a Successful Life” coaching program.

I placed some clients on it thinking
they will improve as they continue with it.

But they didn’t.

Because they had stopped.

I don’t know if it was the invention of the
but we really have become a
“microwave” society.

It was the expectation of their whole
life to be turned on it’s head in such
a short period of time.

It seems like everyone nowadays wants

instant results.

Many people are wanting a single “magic bullet”
to change their life. Which I understand,

there’s emotional pain or a negative behaviour
you are wanting to change and you are at
your wits end.

by working with it and not
working against it, 
over time you will find a
positive change.

Initially it’s a subtle change,
but a POSITIVE CHANGE nonetheless.

And it INCREASES over time,
the more you stick at it.

Like any skill,
the more you do it…
…the better it is you get.

And it’s no different with problems.

One of the greatest therapist
of the last century was Dr. Milton Erickson.

It was he that said:
“Human beings are learning creatures,
and they have problems because they have
learned the

So people have become “skilled”
in maintaining their problems.

My goal, as a therapist and coach,
is to give you enough experiences from which
you learn the right things and then learn
to apply those experiences back to the

That is my goal with all my clients.
Because I truly believe that

Whilst I do not subscribe to the
one shot silver bullet
hypnosis session…

Amazing work can be achieved
in MINUTES with a client.

I prefer to work with someone
over a longer period.

There’s this old saying used by the U.S. military

which I quite like:

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

What this means is rushing into something
can be reckless, and get you into trouble.

Where else if you move slowly,
carefully, deliberate, and with poise,
you are truly moving as fast as you can
in the right direction.

Many thanks for “taking the time”
in reading this blog.

Marco – MCH

Melbourne Cognitive Hypnotherapy

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