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Hypnotherapy and Weight Loss


Losing weight can feel like a major task, especially when it comes to managing various aspects of your life, simultaneously. Stress levels skyrocket and are usually affected negatively due to which most people tend to gain weight rather than lose it. Such is the impact of stress! Weight loss is all about managing stress levels to make your life easier. So, how can a hypnotherapist in Melbourne help you lose weight?

Well, a hypnotherapist would get you into a trance-like state so you are more receptive to suggestions and reinforcements. Please, note that you will not and cannot be made to do anything you are not comfortable with. A hypnotherapist believes that the answer to your woes and troubles are within you and would merely help establish tools that can be used to deal with your dilemma.

This is done via positive reinforcements. For example, if you rely on food for comfort, a session in Melbourne hypnotherapy could be utilized to deal with your addiction to or affinity for food. A certified hypnotherapist would say you do not need to resort to binge eating for weight loss and that you would rather exercise to deal with stress. A combination of the two- positive reinforcement and suggestions, which in a state of trance – has proven to be quite fruitful and has helped people lose weight in as little as 4 to 6 weeks!

This will help you find your balance and once you have succeeded in doing so, it would be easier for you to focus on your weight loss goals and to achieve your goal weight, too.

If you’re interested in losing weight via hypnotherapy, as we have qualified and certified hypnotherapist in Melbourne to help . You can contact Marco to find out how Melbourne hypnotherapy for weight loss can help you with your goal too.