My Response To Ismet’s Google Review

I’ve personally reached out to Ismet and his wife with an extended invitation of support for extra guidance and reassurance. After all, they both took the ‘Gold’ quit smoking program which has unlimited support for 12 months.

Neither have responded.

What’s puzzling to me is this review was posted over 2 months after our initial quit smoking session. It’s unclear why my offer of assistance wasn’t taken up in the first place or why I wasn’t notified sooner.

Allow me to point out the obvious: If phone sessions aren’t successful, why do I have dozens upon dozens of phone session reviews — including couples?

Seeing someone face to face does not guarantee the outcome will be successful, it just guarantees you will be seeing someone face to face.

My intention is never to blame or find fault, rather it’s to bring a much broader perspective to the matters in question. What transpired in terms of my ongoing commitment to helping Ismet, goes beyond the scope of this response.

I will say this: Our quit smoking phone sessions went exactly as planned with both he and his wife feeling great at the end. The next day, I emailed asking how they were going, as part of my ongoing support. I received an email from Ismet stating he and his wife “just had a smoke which is a clear indication of the therapy not working.” To which I replied: “Smoking 1-2 cigarettes down from 15-20 is a clear indication that the therapy is working. You just hit a setback.”

It’s important for someone who relapses to not identify with the experience and think of themselves as a ‘smoker.’ Rather, I advise to see it as an isolated incident. It hasn’t ‘failed,’ because failure sounds permanent whereas setback sounds temporary.

Setbacks happen in life. But with them come clues of how to succeed next time. As I’ve mentioned to Ismet, when you’re back for a follow-up, you’re able tap into your unconscious resources.

Sometimes a person may just require a bit more adjusting and fine tuning. In my opinion, giving false meaning to an unsatisfactory experience then abandoning it prematurely is a mental trap.

Indeed, some of my reviews are from those who relapsed, notified me, and took up my offer of a follow-up session.

From that follow-up session, they became a non-smoker again.

The bottom line is you need determination to continue the journey. That’s what ultimately matters.

The reason I give support in all of my quit smoking programs is because relapse at times can be expected with some individuals (depending on their situation), however I have the tools and resources to get anyone back on track.

Also, I do highlight the importance of following the easy outlined instructions post-session. Because my quit smoking programs are exactly that — programs. The session itself is part of a program.

As stated in my emails to Ismet: “It’s a quit smoking program, not a quit smoking session. Everything outlined in the follow-up emails are essential for long-term success.”

I’ve reached out to Ismet in taking up my offer of assistance several times now, asking when he’s available for a call. Unfortunately, he nor his wife have answered.

The difference between a white belt and a black belt is that the white belt doesn’t quit. Likewise, the difference a relapsed smoker who continues on smoking and one who quits the drug is just a phone call away.

I understand that nobody likes to feel disappointed. But isn’t it more disappointing to be given an opportunity to resolve an issue yet do nothing about it?

I’d like to end with this: Too many people in life look for shortcuts. This makes them susceptible to therapists/salespeople alike who overpromise and underdeliver. Whilst I never guarantee I ‘cure’ or completely resolve an issue, I do guarantee that I’m here with my ongoing support.

Despite what is said and done, I still stand by my word and honor my ongoing support in helping Ismet and his wife make that transition from being a smoker to a non-smoker. All the best, Marco – MCH

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