How Helpful Is Hypnosis To Quit Smoking?

How hypnosis has proven to help smokers to quit smoking

Smoking is a fixation that is hard to get by once you are entrapped in the habitual chain. There are many type of cessations available on the market that advertise the quitting process. However, nicotine patches, gums, and tablets all fail to work on the psychological aspect of smoking as well as the individual’s motivation to quit.

Hypnotherapy in the recent years has seen traction among celebrities to quit smoking, Such as Matt Damon and Ellen DeGeneres to abdicate smoking. It gives a more holistic appeal to the quitting process and it works as a catalyst for greater health and a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Many individuals have reported success in releasing the habit of smoking with the help of a hypnotherapist. However, there is one big factor that has made hypnotherapy to be a winner amongst the reported clients who have experienced success. That being faith in your hypnotherapist.

To the uninitiated, some feel hypnotherapy is some kind of ‘mind-trickery’ non-scientific.

However, many scientific journal publications have peer-reviewed articles that demonstrate the effectiveness of hypnotherapy. We at Melbourne Cognitive Hypnotherapy have hundreds of client testimonials form those ho undertook a hypnotherapy quit smoking program to release the habit.

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a proven cognitive treatment and has been in use since the 1950s. The psychiatrist Milton H. Erickson exhibited the capability of hypnosis to assist in conventional treatment. Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness or awareness in which the patient is diverted to a frame of mind that makes allows to enter a form of trance.

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic tool that guides ones’ mind to immerse themselves in relaxation with a steady build of concentration and focus. This therapy brings in ‘insightful awareness’ which aids psychological issues. However, it can also be used to treat certain physical conditions such as chronic pain.

It is being stated by most clients that in the state of hypnosis they are more willing to listen and implement ideas that are being presented and told consistency to the unconscious. You can further read the benefits of hypnotherapy sessions to know how our hypnotherapist can help.

How Is Hypnotherapy Employed To Help Quit Smoking?

In the initial contacting period, a consultation is arranged with the therapist. This includes questions about your medical history and what factors motivated you to quit smoking. Your hypnotherapist will then explain how hypnosis will work, giving an explanation of the overall experience, whilst providing an overview of what is expected to make it truly successful.

The hypnotherapist will also share the support you will receive, such as a follow-up email to check-in on your progress a day later. A reinforcement mp3 is sent out after the quit smoking session. This further bolsters the principles and ideas that were presented to you in the quit smoking session. An explanation of a ‘craving destroyer’ hypnosis technique to remove pesky cravings in an instant. Although, it is unlikely they will return after a quit smoking session.

One hypnotherapy session typically last 90 minutes. Some may require further assistance which is perfectly OK since the support is included in ANY of the quit smoking programs. Many people have quit successfully after a single quit smoking session. However, you can ask for further assistance if required. The option is there for you. It is recommended you follow the instructions outlined by the hypnotherapist (Marco Auciello) to be guided properly and quit smoking completely.

At Melbourne Cognitive Hypnotherapy, we help you discover your new and improved self by using hypnosis as a proven tool to help you quit. If you are one of those who has struggled with different cessations methods with not experiencing the success you deserve, then hypnotherapy is the answer for you.

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