Self-Esteem Guide: Ego VS Self-Esteem

Ego and self-esteem might sound like similar terms with the same approach but, in reality, both concepts are a lot different from each other. If you didn’t know about that, not to worry, you are not alone. Many of us think of these concepts as the same.

If you are operating on your ego, then you are focused on self-interest. It is your ego that wants praise, validation, and approval from others. You want to do good and show it to the world so that the world can admire you. You want to be proven “right” in front of everyone. Is that how you manage your deeds? Then you are prioritising your ego over everything.

Self-esteem is a different concept, one which is all about believing in your abilities. Your self-esteem doesn’t crave people’s approval. Rather, it makes you believe how capable you are and how you can achieve anything you want. You don’t care what others think of you, you are focused on your destination and success. Want to dig deeper? Here is the first part of the Ego VS Self-esteem Video by Marco to give you a better idea.

The Mask of Ego

You know your negative aspects and you have tons of insecurities, but you don’t want to show them to the world — nobody does. But, when you are operating on your ego, there is a mask you wear that shows a different picture to the world, and that mask falls when someone tries to criticise you. An egoist would never admit he/she is wrong and they become furious when someone points out their mistakes. Whereas, a person with high self-esteem would accept and make changes to become better. They won’t argue further; instead, they focus on what went wrong.

The Fragile Ego VS The Authentic Self

Your self-esteem makes you strong and able to face the world. It is what lets you explore your true self by admitting what is wrong and moving towards betterment. You won’t consider life as a race or competition, you would learn to help others as they help you. The ego operates on the opposite concept. The more you explore, the more it makes you fragile. You become so insecure that you don’t even bear someone negating your argument. Your ego doesn’t let you grow or achieve something; instead, it makes you weaker.

The Truth About you

If you haven’t started it yet, it is time to explore yourself. Do you know who you are? If not, it is time to find out your true self, and you will know it doesn’t depend on your ego. Your ego is hiding your true self, so you have to let it go and live your life with independence. Embrace your true self today and focus on your self-esteem.

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