Coming to Terms with Hypnosis as a Real Life Practice


When it comes to believing in hypnotherapy for smoking, there are very few people who get convinced at once. We all make an audience for Hollywood movies, and I’d only believe you if it has made you perceive hypnosis like magic conjured by hypnotists with pocket watches and pendulums for fun, for revenge, for harming the others. Perhaps this is the reason why we fail to understand its instrumentality in de-addiction, weight loss, treating pains, depression alleviation, and stress relief.

People who have benefitted from it may just be a fraction among millions of smokers in Australia, but the point is that they have trusted in quit smoking hypnosis as a real life practice. It is primarily because it exhibits results like none other technique of de-addiction does.

It is a Real Life Practice 

As a practicing hypnotherapist, the thing that I do first and foremost, even before beginning the diagnosis, is to clear the mist about the discipline itself. One who wishes to be treated must believe in the procedure first.

So, what I really want people to know is that just because a few hypnotherapists in Melbourne and elsewhere make a show out of it by staging rituals, making it look like an occult practice, doesn’t mean it is anything like that. Hypnosis is authentic as western medicine or psychotherapy is.

All Hypnosis Does is Open Your Mind

Yes, it is all about going into your mind, your psyche and undoing the layers one after another, just like psychotherapy does. The only difference is that the first-mentioned does its work as subtly as can be done. While psychotherapy sustains itself on conversation, hypnosis, especially smoking hypnosis makes suggestions to your unconscious rather than to your conscious.

So, it opens your mind, finds the root cause and makes ever so subtle suggestions to it, that you start effecting in real life without fighting it. So, what we see is a change in the way you feel, think, perceive things and even sense them.

It is Never Deep Sleep

No! No! No! It is nothing like the Dracula movies make you believe it is. It sure is a relaxed state but is also one marked by deep concentration. It is nothing like a hypnotised person in deep sleep, walking around with no expressions on the face and only one aim in mind – “Do what the hypnotist asked you to.”

It sure has the power to change your behaviour, but the results are conspicuous in a more rational and subtle way; never like just picking the axe and beheading somebody. Trust me on that.

It changes your awareness, or consciousness, if you like to call it that. It unravels the deeper-seated parts of your mind and makes suggestions for you to say, quit smoking, or to get sober. So, you start overcoming your fears, fixations and addictions.

Believe me that is how it works. The whole idea behind writing this blog post is to spread the essential awareness about hypnotherapy for smoking and other noble purposes. Believe me, there is nothing Hollywood-like about it. If you wish to explore more about this option, you can contact me, Marco Auciello and get legitimate answers to your queries.

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