Busting 5 Myths About Hypnotherapy


Let’s admit it, hypnosis or hypnotherapy has always fascinated us. But let’s also admit that we most of us have not experienced it in person. Consequently, there are a lot many myths about it that we have actually ended up believing in as an integral part of this kind of therapy. When we talk of hypnosis in Melbourne, the story is not very different. But, the truth is very much far away from the common perception. This is why this blog here, aims to bust 5 massive myths about hypnosis.

#5 You have to be weak-willed for hypnosis to work

Seriously, this is the funniest myth I know of. People who have a strong will to come out of a problem are usually the ones that take recourse to hypnotherapy. There are many successful people who have benefitted from it. You do need to have willingness for hypnosis to work, but by no means do you have to be weak-willed. For e.g. take quit smoking hypnosis; people who are really convinced for calling it quits, actually reap the best benefits of this therapy.

#4 You Will be Made to Fall Asleep

Hypnosis is just a state of deep relaxation wherein your subconscious is more receptive of suggestion. You may or may not be asked to close your eyes. By no means will your hypnotherapist tell “Now your eyes are heavy…you are falling asleep…you will do what I ask you to do.” That is just imaginary fluff. You may be asked to close your eyes just to relax more easily. Regardless it being smoking hypnosis or any type of hypnosis on the face of the earth, it does not start or end with the snap of the practitioner’s fingers. Remember, Hypnosis is not a deep sleep.

#3 You Will Face the Hanging Pocket Watch

Yeah, that one! It happens only in the movies. No pocket watches, pendulums, lockets, or the like will be suspended in front of you. All it uses it words – words of suggestion that are an instrumental part of hypnotherapy for smoking or any other addiction. For that matter, it can actually even help you do better business.

Any well-trained practitioners can get their clients get into the deepest layers of their psyche, cull out the fears and work positively ion suggestions when the process is over.

#2 You Can be Made to Do Something Silly

Okay. You cannot be made to murder anybody just at the beck and call of a hypnotherapist. That doesn’t happen. And of course, you won’t go clucking like a chicken either. Yes, in the western world, especially in major Australian cities like Sydney Canberra and Melbourne, hypnotherapy is catching up as a means to solving a lot many ailments and addictions, and for sure they have never been made to do anything silly.

#1 You Can Stuck in Hypnosis Forever

An ideal session of hypnotherapy ends for an hour. You cannot get stuck in hypnosis forever. It is not a medical state like a coma that you may be stuck in it. The session consists of explanation of the session or program process, an examination of the problem, and then the process of the therapy itself.

If you too feel like this blog post is a revelation, and would like to explore more about hypnotherapy, contact Marco Auciello, one of the premier hypnotherapists in Melbourne.

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