What You Should Know About Hypnotherapy


Nowadays, handling stress is a lot more difficult than it ever was before and the problem with this is that your “feelings” can get to you and make you feel negatively about yourself. Not understanding these emotions is what eventually enables you to dig a deep pit for yourself that you feel you can never get out of.

The thing about hypnotherapy is that it serves as a way to help you establish and utilise tools that you are already aware of. This, coupled with positive reinforcement, is what helps a patient break that ‘trance’ that makes you believe that you cannot break a habit or must rely on coping mechanisms to deal with your issues.

By way of example, many smokers find that if they want to quit smoking hypnosis serves as a tool that allows them to get insight into the root causes that enabled them to develop and rely on the habit in the first place. Similarly, some weight loss patients find that there is an entire system, etched in their subconscious minds, that causes them to believe they need to eat to keep themselves happy.

Does that mean that binge eating, depression and other triggers aren’t ‘real’ or do not exist?

Well, not really. What this does mean, however, is that our minds are susceptible to positive and negative thoughts and we need to be aware of how either thought process affects our emotions and, in turn, our lives and choices, as well.

If you’re interested in breaking that chain of thought that affects you negatively or want to go for hypnotherapy, Melbourne is home to a renowned, certified hypnotherapist, Marco Auciello. You can contact Marco to book a one-to-one session to get the help that you need. Ask about the Skype hypnosis sessions as they’re also available and cost effective.

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