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The Truth about Diets & Weight Loss Hypnosis

Have you even been on a diet?

One of the reasons why diets
don’t work is because it is based
on denial.

And because of that denial,
a person feels frustrated and that frustration
acts as a anticipation builder because you                                                                                                         couldn’t, and when you can, you do more!

If a diet is based on denial,
then all you’re doing is building
psychological energy to do more
of the bad behaviour when the diet
is “finished.”

Diets make people fat.

Full stop.

There’s plenty of research
to demonstrate this.
Several studies have concluded that
people who attempt to diet run the risk
of getting fatter over the long run.

It’s not because they won’t necessarily
lose weight in the moment,
but it’s the fundamental attitude
that’s the problem.

A diet has an idea of a conclusion.

A goal or a destination.

To stay slim or fit is a lifestyle.

But as the cliché goes…
It’s about the journey, 

not the destination.

Those people who make it about the destination
will yoyo at best for the rest of their lives.

Most likely,
they’ll yoyo for a while,
give up and then balloon out
for the rest of their lives.

I am sorry for saying this, 

but that’s nature of how diets work.


they don’t work with human beings.

The ones that do succeed are the ones
that turn it into a lifestyle,
which is where they enjoy the whole journey.

But that requires a certain type of mindset.
One that is free from EMOTIONAL HANG-UPS
to adopt this lifestyle change.

It becomes just how they are and
part of what they’re doing.

And that’s is what I have exactly done
with my own:
Melbourne Cognitive Weight Loss Hypnosis

complete program that looks at YOU,

YOUR relationship to food

YOUR relationship to your body and

YOUR motivation towards exercise.

I have over dropped 10kgs using this method

and a significant amount of body fat.

It’s all about making changes here and there.

And those changes become a lifestyle.

You stop thinking it and you simply
become the person you want to be.

It works like “gangbusters.”

Find out more here:
Melbourne Cognitive Weight Loss Hypnosis

Marco – MCH

P.S.This program looks at your emotional 
      relationship with food. Which is a HUGE
      factor with obesity. Diets are very quick
to tell you what to eat and what not to eat,
but maybe you could ask yourself:
      “What’s eating me?”
      Because when you identify the root of
emotional eating, you’ll understand why
you never feel full.
No amount of food will ever give you
emotional fulfilment. 

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