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Taking ACTION with Weight Loss Hypnosis

I wanted to share my thoughts
about taking weight-loss action
and doing so now with hypnosis.


Because taking action is the only
sure-fire path to success in life.

you can wait and hope that
one day, the world will give you
what you want.

you can go out there and
give you what you want.

Think of it like looking
into a pond.

All the wishing in the world,
will not put any ripples into it.

If you wait for long enough,
perhaps a breeze will come along.

And start rippling the surface of 
the water for you. 

you can take a pebble, 
and flick it into the pond, and watch
the ripples arise

“taking action” is not the same thing 
as taking “blind action.”

Just jumping into something without
any idea or plan is not always a recipe
for success.


I believe I have a recipe for
weight-loss success.

My 5-session weight loss hypnosis program
will help you to plan, and execute the
actions, that will take you to success
in dropping off weight.

I have dropped over 12 kg in using
this new weight loss hypnosis program.

It changes your whole relationship to:

food, exercise, and emotional triggers.

Not too mention Self-Esteem…

My weight loss program aligns your
conscious (willpower)
and your unconscious mind.

Because if there’s a conflict
between the two,
then it’s the equivalent of paddling a boat
and eventually your muscles will tire out and
you lose the will to care anymore.

That’s when the boat tips over the waterfall 
and YOU plunge straight into that fridge

eating that delicious chocolate cake.

All you have to do is email me or
call me.

And I will do my level best to cause
ripples of positive change in your life.

As a side note…
People are wanting to change,
but they are too afraid of changing.

This happens time and time again.
I can understand there is fear of the
unknown etc…

But if you jump in with both feet,
you will then position yourself to find
balance throughout the whole experience.

I will “hold your hand” every step
along the way.

Click HERE to find out more or
call me directly.

Because picking up the phone
is the equivalent of
picking up that pebble.

To your weight-loss success,

Marco – MCH



Clinical Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

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