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Hi Roy, it’s Marco here. It’s been over 24 hours since you came in. Just touching base with you, how you going since our session together, still a non-smoker?
Very much a non-smoker. Can’t even think about it. I’ve got a funny story to tell you when I see you.
Haha ok. Can’t wait to hear it!(^_^)

Hi Marc thank you for the text still a non-smoker and going strong, I will keep you informed

Hey Marco. Sorry for the delay in responding, happy to say, yes, still a non smoker!!!!

Yes mate still a non smoker

Hi Marco. 🙂 Still a non-smoker. The Yoda one yesterday sums it up, no try, do  or don’t do.

Yes I am doing well so far. Husband is loving it

Hi Marco.
Doing good. Just the thouhgts of previous smoking is making me sick.

Othef than that still a non-smoker

Indeed. Haven’t got time for smoking, too busy biking and doing yoga, feeling great 🙂

All is well thanks, still a non-smoker

So far so good! The biggest test for me will be out with friends over drinks but at the moment still not smoking 🙂

Yes all good thanks Marco but still can’t figure out how to add Google review – it doesn’t seen to work for me!

me and mat are still non smokers
Great to know that, knew you guys could do it. And thanks for mentioning me to your sister.
thank you.. your welcome.. also, m sister in law sizie will be calling you to book in my brother in law.. i have also passed on your number to 5 others so they should be calling u as well .

Hey and yes I am, so far so good 🙂

Sorry Marco I dropped my phone Sunday and just got a new one. The short answer is yes. Haven’t smoked since the one I had before our session

Hi Marco, going good so far! Thanks, neva

Hey Marco, Yep still hangin in there, thanks mate

Hi Marco – yes I still!! Feeling great too!

Hi Marco … Yep I’m still a non smoker… Had some strange dreams last night… And have felt it a bit hard 2 concentrate today… But doing ok thanks .

Going ok, still a non smoker

Good morning.
Yes still a non smoker.

Hi Marco, I’m still a non-smoker. I have felt a little tired and reflective,but not in a negative way. I have noticed the absence of the cigarette in routine, but don’t really feel like one.