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"Regret Proof" your life with hypnotherapy


There’s nothing worse than having regrets.

All too many people do though.

Especially in the autumn and winter years

of their life.

They think back on all the things

they could have done and should have


They wish they could “rewind the 

clock” and do things differently.

Do the things they put off.

Do the things they said ‘no’ to

out of fear.

Do the things they avoided because

of self-doubt and what “other people”

might say.

And do the things they would have

done if only they were confident enough

that everything would have turned out

for the better.

The fear of regret will 

always feel greater 

than the fear of failure 

or rejection.

The latter may feel like “sting” at first

but it dissipates quickly.

The former, however, is more like a

s-l-o-w burn” because it haunts you forever.

A special SHOUT to all you smokers 

reading this.

If there’s one speciality that I am

particularly good at, It’s helping

people quit smoking with hypnotherapy.

A client yesterday over SKYPE had a

mind blowing experience as the


BLEW OUT his smoking habit away

for good!

In fact, I am so certain of the outcome

that I’m willing to put myself on the line

by offering you a LIFETIME GUARANTEE 



If you ever struggle or relapse,

then I will FOOT THE BILL.

At no cost to you!

(Providing I am still in business and

still alive of course… 😉

Now what you do (or don’t do)

with this memo is entirely for

you to decide.

All I hope for you is by reading all these emails

prepares your mind to focus on

whatever that one thing is your meant

to be doing.

And begin it.

Right now.

Marco – MCH


Hypnosis for Stopping Smoking


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