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Quit Smoking Programs

Choose Your Quit Smoking Program

Please Note:

Upon selecting program, no funds will be asked of you.

Instead, one of our assistants will be in touch to ask a few questions, then place a consultative booking (free strategy call) with myself.

This call is where I’ll explain the program options in more details along with my recommendation on which program is suited best – specifically for you.

Our goal here at MCH to determine whether we can help you quit smoking. And in order for us to know this, we do need to ask a handful of questions.

Once we deem that you are suitable, we then explain how this method works and  give program options along with our advice on what we feel is best for you.

Of course, you’ll also need to determine if this is right for you.

You may have some questions of your own, and perhaps, even some concerns. 

Which we will address accordingly.

So think of the strategy call as an opportunity to see if any of the quit smoking programs are suitable to help you quit!

Now onto the programs…

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Platinum option