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Making a "life-change" a habit with hypnotherapy

Imagine eating a fancy dinner 

with the finest foods and beverages 

every day. 

It may feel a bit odd, at first, 

but you’d probably get used to it 

fairly fast. 

I imagine you’d even begin to 

enjoy it and look forward to it. 

You know what? 

Listening to my “habit-breaking”
mp3 every day for 2 weeks 
is kind of like
eating a fancy 
dinner daily. 

It may feel odd at first…

But what feels uncomfortable at 

first can quickly become a very 

pleasant experience.

In fact,

a rewarding experience

An experience you look forward 

to each and every day.

Because you know it’s a “labour of love”.

Listening by hearing, 
learning by reading, and changing
by committing yourself on a daily basis
become as gratifying as biting into 

a perfectly cooked filet mignon… 

or a savoury stuffed-mushroom brushed 

with truffle infused olive oil. 

Here’s what Michael had to say about my 
“Easy Ways 4 Breaking Habits” mp3 recording:
Enough is enough.

thinking about breaking my habit
was quite negative for me and I was opposed to 

feeling negative and just about had enough of it. 
Thats’s all well and good but I thought to myself
what are you 
going to do about it?

The clearing to the forest is you saying
“get to work.”

The secret to make a
change of habit in your life
is that you must begin 
to make
a habit of changing.

So why not begin breaking today with hypnotherapy? 

Marco – MCH

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