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Hannibal’s "boulder breaking" success

Over 2000 years ago, 
a famous General named Hannibal,
tried to bring his troops across the
snow-capped mountains i
n the winter.

He was stopped by giant

The whole army was ready 

to give up.

But he was not.

He looked at the circumstances,

with very different eyes.

Applying his understanding 

of the forces of nature.

Now I’m sure you have experienced

putting something hot into 

something cool a little too quickly —

a cup, a plate, a glass etc…

If the sudden temperature 

increased and decreased too soon,

they simply shatter.

And Hannibal knew this.

So he lit a fire underneath the rocks.

They were glowing with heat.

He then had whole army, 

throw wine skins and water onto 

the rocks to cool them down 

in an instant.

Within moments,

the rock shattered.

Life can be like that.

Obstacles that stop you

from progressing.

They can feel as big as a boulder, 

in the middle of your path.

Of course,

it will seem you can’t go around it.

Because it’s wedged right between 

two sides of a wall.

And it’s impossible to climb.

Because it’s so high up.

Looking at it from up close,

most people would even consider it


to move through this challenge.

But I’d like to share something very 

important with you:

No matter how big your problem is,

there is a solution

even if it’s not immediately apparent

right now.

Latest Coaching Feedback:

“It by FAR exceeded my expectations.”

“One year ago, just before I started the
program, I was getting close to being in the
worst mental state I had ever been. A year later,
I have never felt happier and connected 
to everything and everyone around me.”

About Relationships:

“This was great as it shifted the focus away
from me and onto others, however it gave me
a much greater understand of myself. This module
allowed me to to truly love the ones closest 
to me and understand how blessed I am
to have them around me.”

On Self Mastery:
“Yes, it met my expectations.  

It has made me so much more aware of how
I can control my life and hopefully can continue
to focus on me and my well being.”

Dealing with Stress:

“It helped me through a really tough time at work
and has made me realise that I’m stronger
than I give my credit for.

Final Words

“In conclusion, I would like to thank you Marco
for showing me how much potential I have
to have a great life ahead of me.

“I look forward to continuing with you
in the future.”

“Definitely exceeded my expectations.”
“You are very inspiring and deserve

the very best in your future endeavours…”

You can do it. 

(Whilst spots are still available.)

Adopt a mindset like Hannibal along with
my very own guidance of “hypno-coaching.”

Because there is no such thing such as 

“impossible obstacles.”

Only minds, 

that THINK they’re impossible.

And obstacles in your way will be revealed
as opportunities for your life.

It just takes a matter of perspective.

Change your point of view.

And everything can change.

To your boulder-breaking 

 Marco – MCH

Melbourne Cognitive Hypnotherapy

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