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Ghost Hypnosis

What if you could help other people 

overcome their fears just 

by recommending hypnotherapy? 

It’s possible, you know. 

After all, if somebody can be

hypnotised so that he cannot see a 

person standing right in front of 


…then why can’t he also 

be hypnotised to no longer… 

“see” his fears? 

If you are anything like me, 

then you are most fascinated by 

those stories in which something 

amazing happens like… 

A person disappears from the 

room, then reappears. 

A person undergoes a major surgical 

operation without any anaesthetic. 

A subject follows the instructions 

of a hypnotist — yet doesn’t remember 

doing anything when he comes out of trance. 

Just this week,
I had one client who felt a “hand”
touch his shoulder 
— although nobody else
was visible in the room except for us.

And before you ask,
I was sitting metres away

Was it a ghost?

Who knows.

What I do know is he proceeded to “relax his rear” 
once he realised there was nothing to fear. 

Using hypnotherapy to “zap” people’s fears
is a very common thing for me.

And the “magic” of the mind on stage is a 
fascinating thing to witness. 

Yet, when you think about it,
it’s the use of hypnotherapy to help a 

person overcome a fear or phobia or 

addiction that is truly useful and beneficial. 

Or to help a person solve a difficult 

problem… overcome some emotional trauma… 

or find meaning and happiness where 

none could be found before. 

See, hypnosis is not just about 

impressing an audience – of course that is 

very important in establishing the BELIEF in 

the power of hypnosis – it’s also about 

helping people and being a positive 

force for change. 

And that “ghost hand” somehow managed to scare
40 year old smoking habit away

My latest feedback:

“The stop drinking program was very beneficial
in terms of changing my thought patterns and
help me focus on not touching Alcohol.

“It has given me more focus to start working
towards some of the goals that i was
procrastinating about whilst drinking.

“Absolutely, money well spent, I could have
drank that money over a weekend !!!

“I would love to help others one day and
this would be one of my 
to another person

Derek (teetotaler) 

So ask yourselfHow can I better 

use my hypnotic resources to 

help other people? 

The answer to that question may 

lead you to some interesting 

(and very rewarding) experiences.

That’s all from me today,

Marco – MCH

Hypnotherapy for Stopping Smoking

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