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No Diet-Day Hypnosis Challenge!

Do you know why diets fail?

I tell you why,
because they create a yo-yo effect 
after the diet has ended.

most diets trigger the body 
and actually put on kilos.

Because psychologically,
when you deny yourself food,
your body starts thinking:
“oh there’s not enough around, 

I best take care of this now”.

Some people say:
“Well, people who are overweight
just have no self-control.”

Well studies show the opposite.

these people who are going about it
THE WRONG WAY are triggering a
negative cycle inside their mind,
so that they’re hormones become imbalanced,
and they left in a place where it
really isn’t their own fault, but rather,
it’s just that they were in unlucky circumstances.

I really want to help those people in
“reversing” those things.

So they don’t feel they are “stuck” in reverse…

Ever again.

With my No Diet-Day Hypnosis Challenge!

An open letter from my client about my very own
weight loss hypnosis program:

“So far so good.

I wouldn’t say that I was sceptical,
but I wasn’t sure how my “rational mind”
might respond to hypnotherapy.

Having you take the time to respond to my
initial enquiry to explain how the program worked
certainly helped with any uncertainty.

I have enjoyed the sessions themselves.

You are very easy to talk to and I felt safe
and comfortable right from the start.

Sometimes the amount of information
given in the sessions was a bit daunting,
so having the notes that you sent afterward
was certainly helpful in reinforcing the messages
you had put in my head.

I have also enjoyed the process of
working out what my unconscious mind does
and how it affects my behaviours.

At times it’s been like I’ve been watching
from a distance and when I see myself
doing something counterproductive,
acknowledging it and saying
“I see what you’re doing there”.

At other times I have just become aware of
something that I have stopped doing,
but not been able to pinpoint when
I stopped doing it, like eating chocolate biscuits
or ice-cream.

So far I think that the sessions have helped me
with my goals in two ways. 

The first was that I felt empowered to set them,

and that my own desire
for weight loss was important enough for own
self confidence for me to actually
commit to them.

Secondly, the results.

I can see already that bit by bit I am making headway,
and that it can work if I stick to it.

I’m excited to see too how this program impacts
on other aspects of my life.
I’ve already noticed the boost to my self-confidence
and am sure that will help me to overcome
my reluctance to jump at opportunities as they arise,
such as work related
opportunities or personal interactions.



So that’s the No Diet-Day Hypnosis Challenge.

I’ve lost 12kg using this method 
without losing my mind such as with dieting.  

Are you game?

Then click HERE.

And get started 🙂

Marco – MCH

Clinical Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

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