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Answers from the "Twilight" (with a Special Announcement!)

In this blog I am going to tell 

you about an intriguing study. 

Oh, and don’t forget to remind me to 

tell you about my special announcement 

and how it can all be tied-in to 

making you a better person. And better 

in the game of life as well.

The study first… 

I was recently reading about a study 

conducted on older people who were in 

the “twilight” of their lives. 

They were asked the question: 

“What do you wish you had done more 

of in your life?” 

Their answers were not what most people 

would expect. Here they are: 

1). Left More of a Legacy: 

In other words, they wish they’d done 

something or produced something that 

people will not only remember them by 

but be able to find use and value in 

after they’re gone. 

Almost like their parting gift to the 

world that follows after them. 

I guess we can all understand that one. But 

the next one that topped the answers is a 

little more surprising to most people: 

2). Reflected More: 

Hardly anyone “cordons off time in their 

day” to reflect more. 

Which is a shame. 

Because all the best ideas and insights 

swim up from the ocean-bed of reflection 


Also: You can never really know yourself 

unless you take time to be with yourself. 

I guess the older folks realised — too 

late in life — that they’d never really 

got to know themselves; to “stand back 

from their life” and actually look at 

what they wanted to do, what they wanted 

to be and how they wanted to live

Instead they (mostly) just went along 

with what they thought they HAD to do

Then they got busy and life… went by… 


I would like to suggest that some of 

the most valuable time you will ever 

encounter in life is when you give yourself 

permission to not be busybusybusy

Not being busy does NOT equal being lazy. 

Not being busy — or more specifically, when 

you give yourself time to reflect — allows 

you the “mental space” to get your bearings on 

life and gain the insights necessary to 

navigate your future better

And when you do go into action mode — you 

can invest the ideas and insights that came 

from your reflection time into being more 

effective at the actions you are taking. 

3). Gone After What They Wanted. 

Maybe this is more a symptom of #2 

above (Reflected More). 

See most people have an interest in 

things but never really follow it through 

with passion and purpose. 

Why is this? 

Well, maybe it’s because they allow 

themselves to get too busy and too 

distracted by life’s moment-by-moment activities. 

I don’t know what you’re passionate about. 

Honestly I don’t.

But since you’re receiving this message I 

guess one of those things is understanding
yourself and the world better.

In which case — if your future (older) 

self were talking to you now I guess, they’d 

be telling you to put your heart and soul 

into progressing yourself so you 

(in your twilight years) would know you 

didn’t waste the opportunity. 

Hence why I have decided to embark 

on a journey throughout the United States 

for an extended period beginning late August. 

In so doing, my daily emails will begin 

to slow down and pause during this period.

 The doors to my coaching program has

now closed with many of my other services 

will soon close for this period — but my mind 

and heart will be as open as ever… 

What about you?

Yes YOU.

How OPEN is your mind and heart as to:

*What legacy do you want to leave?

*What do you want to reflect more on?

And finally:


And will you make a decision to go 

all out there and get it?


Because you hear people wanting 

positive change in their lives, but don’t 

want to commit to the decision that 

allows that change to occur.

Sure, the decision doesn’t always 

guarantee the outcome you do want, 

I get that. 


The decision not to commit to a
decision will guarantee an 

And who wants that?

Not me.


Make your decision about your desires, 

wants and needs.

Commit to it.

Then make it happen.

And that’s it.


So I’ll finish up my little rant here.

And those are, of course, 

just my own little thoughts. 

Take from it what you will. 

And maybe reflect on it on all by 

yourself so you get your own “take” on it 

to recognise what truly matters to you.

Then maybe, just maybe

You’ll give yourself a shot before
life truly passes you by…

Thanks for reading,

Marco – MCH

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